Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a Nice Day : 0)

It was smokin hot out today. I had decided yesterday that we were doing something today so I asked Logan what park he wanted to go to. He had the choice of the splash park or the park/beach, he chose the beach. He had such a great time playing in the water and sand. I remember what it was like as a kid to just roll around in the sand, now I don't like it at all besides on my feet.

Jeff and I were laughing he hears this one mom telling her kids "no don't go in the sand it will get all in the carpet" Lady did you miss that you were at the beach? Some other ladies sat down close and I swear this lady must have said Tyler 100 times, come on people let them be kids. I am all about paying attention to what your kid is doing and stuff but seriously.

We had lunch at the park and he dried off and played on the playground for about 30 minutes before we headed home for his nap. On the way home Jeff and I were talking about going and seeing Jeff's grandma tomorrow and Logan was pretty insistent that we go see her today when he woke up. So I gave her a call and we headed over there for the afternoon.

When we got home his friend Jake was out so he played with him for a while before we headed in to read some books and get ready for bed. It was a long fun filled day. I can't believe I didn't take my camera around with us today. I have been slacking taking pics lately.

Logan has turned into such a smart, funny little boy. I really do have a good kid. Don't get me wrong we have our moments like yesterday he pushed his friend, what the heck. He was totally playing when it happened and was not trying to be mean but I am a keep your hands off kinda mom. I made him say he was sorry and explained that we do not do that. I asked him if he would like it and he said no. So I explained that he needed to stop and think about what he is doing and if he wouldn't like it if someone did it to him then he should not do it to others. I think he got it, I hope he got it. I talked to him about it at bed time and then I told Jeff and Jeff talked to him about it today. I hope I don't see that again :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Little on Attachment

I know that we have been home for almost 2 years but I still like to go and read up on things. I know that L is attached but I am still not sure that he is 100% there. There are little things every once in a while that throws up a red flag. One of the web-sites that I love is I was checking things out and I came across this article~

When Family & Friends Don't Understand

Since many of the symptoms associated with attachment problems look like normal childhood behaviors, it can be very difficult if not impossible to explain to friends and family. Some, in an attempt to be helpful, try to dismiss the problems. You hear, “Oh, my son has temper tantrums all the time,” all the while thinking to yourself, “Not like these, lady!” Others try to generalize, “He looks perfectly normal to me,” while you roll your eyes, knowing that he is at his worst only when he is home. Alone. With you.

And then, there are the friends and family who, in the spirit of helpfulness, begin to question your methods, or even worse, your sanity.

Could you imagine NOT getting the support needed from your family and friends in such a difficult time. It is such a HUGE transition for the baby and the new parents they surely do not need any more stress. To get criticized for wanting the best for your baby is a shame. A family should be commended for their efforts not condemned. Who in their right minds would do this? So if you are reading this remember SUPPORT is what every new parent needs no matter if you agree with their methods or not. Bringing a baby/toddler or and older child home from an orphanage is/can be very difficult and is WAY different than bringing a baby home from the hospital. So show your loved ones the support they need even if you don't get it :0)

I think sometimes even to talk to your friends about things your child is going through can be hard because they have not been there. I thank God I have Kim to talk to about things. We adopted our boy's from the same baby-house and traveled together. Our kid's go through some very similar things. So to all of you adoptive parents find that someone who is experiencing things as you are because parenting our kiddo's is A LOT different than the baby brought home from the hospital at birth. Our kiddo's have been through multiple losses in their short little lives.

And here is a pic of my little cutie, man he looks like such a little boy now :0)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can You Help make a Difference?

Please help if you can, copy and paste the link.

The struggle that this family has endured at the hands of Orson Mozes/Adoption International Program is horrific. Please do what you can to help them bring their children home. Orson has financially ruined them and their boys are in a Kazakhstan orphanage hoping that their Mommy and Daddy come for them. I am so happy that they have found the strength to move forward in hopes to bring their boy's home after all they have been through.

Can anyone tell me how to add a link the correct way? I know it is something very simple that I am missing, THANKS!

Big Jumper

Friday, July 18, 2008


Expectations, I have learned never have them of someone even if they are very little because you most likely will end up disappointed :0)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Holiday Weekend!

We had a VERY busy week, it started last Tuesday, we went to the Zoo. There was a bunch of us, Me Logan, my Mom, my niece, my friend Tania and her daughter Julia. We had a good time and L is so good with Julia. Check out the pic in the slide show, they are in their strollers holding hands :) We went to the beach/park Friday with our neighbors. Then on Sat we went to my friend Debra's house. Jeff and I took L to the splash zone/park on Sunday. We went out to dinner w/my Dad and S-mom Monday and then Logan went and hung out with his Nanny & Papa for the afternoon Tuesday. Today (weds) we stayed home all day but L was still in the pool for about 2 1/2 hours this morning. We need a few days of rest around here. Any ways, we all had a great holiday weekend and I was glad Logan got to hang with his friends.

We have some interesting things going on this weekend and I pray all goes well. I WISH I could write about it here but some dirty laundry is just not for the world to read. I feel in my heart that someday I will write about it but I want to do it in the right way. I am still trying to forgive :0)

Friday, July 4, 2008

2 Years Ago!

The first picture is L's referral picture the second one I just took. boy has he changed :)

I cannot believe it was 2 years ago that we boarded a plane headed to Siberia Russia to meet Logan. That was a day I will never forget. Although we left on the 4th it wasn't until the 6th that we actually landed in Siberia and went to meet Logan.

That was such a strange day. We had tried to become parents for SO MANY YEARS and here we were finally going to meet "our son" for the first time. It was such a hard day. My dear dog Baylee died as we were getting ready to leave for the airport. That was totally unexpected she was not ill at all. It was such a long 2 days of travel. If I remember correctly it was something like 36 hours from the time we left our house until we actually got to strech out on a bed and get some sleep.

The morning of the 6th I was sooooo sick from all of the travel and lack of sleep not to mention I had a WHOLE ball of anxiety to go with the lack of sleep and food. I remember telling Jeff as we were waiting for our translator and driver to pick us up to go meet L that I just couldn't do it. I needed to sleep and then we could go, he told me to pull it together, I had waited so long to be a mom and I was so close. Thank god he was there to get me going. I laid down for about 30 minutes and did some deep breathing and just kept telling myself it was all going to be OK.

I will never forget sitting in Dr. Lubmilla's office and hearing the door open then close and as I turned around there was my beautiful little guy just standing in the middle of the room all by himself. My heart leaped and I was so excited to finally being looking at my baby face to face. He looked scared to death and he was soooooooo serious. It took 2 hours to get him to smile and then our visit for the day ended.

Our journey to become parents took about 5 1/2 years. 1 year of trying alone 2 Years of infertility treatments. And our adoption took almost 2 years to the day to complete. We had 3 different agencies and a trip to Kazakhstan and then finally we found Adoption Ark and thanks to them we finally become parents. I have to say those 11 weeks that we had between our first and second trips were the most grueling 11 weeks of my life. It was so unbelievably hard to leave L behind especially not knowing when we would be back for court and knowing that a Russian family or a bio-family member could come forward for him at any time before we went to court. Thank God the plan was for the 3 of us to be a family.

Logan you are the light of my life. It doesn't make a difference how bad of a day I have your laugh can always make me smile. It is such an honor being your Mommy and I am so happy to watch you grow and thrive. You are the greatest, I love you!

Happy 4th of July