Friday, December 26, 2008

**UPDATE** Orson Mozes featured on my side bar

Orson was arrested today (Dec. 29) thanks to an anonymous tip that came into America's Most Wanted. So whoever you are anonymous, THANKS!!!! What a way to end 2008, YAHOO! Here's his most recent MUG SHOT.

OK, I never wanted to hijack my blog about the scum bag Orson Mozes but we just found out some info on him (or at least we think it's him) from the DA in Santa Barbara that they believe him to be in Florida. He was arrested in Naples in November and Miami in December. I think now if this news report is right twice in Miami in December once just 5 days ago, so all of you Floridians please keep an eye out for him. This is good but bad news, we now know he is in the states and not aboard. The bad news is that he was arrested multiple times and released. I am baffled that this could happen. How can someone be released without knowing who they really are, not to mention someone who is listed on America's Most Wanted, EERRRRRR. This has all just unfolded for our case in the last few days so it is changing daily. I just pray we are close to finding him, that would definitely make for a great beginning to the new year:0) I find it rather funny though that he is being arrested for petty theft. A far cry from his couple million dollar home in CA. I know it's not very Christian like but it makes me smile.

Any ways, please keep your eye out for Orson or who ever he is these days. If you do see him please contact authorities right away at the information provided by his photo at the left or your local law offices.

I hope you all had a great Christmas, it was so fun this year with Logan. He of course got way to much stuff.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours

I know Logan's eye's are closed but that is because he would not open them for the picture but I like this picture because he was having fun and being silly. He is NOT into pics at all right now so I am surprised we even got him in one laughing :0)

Merry Christmas

**Snow update: about another 4 to 6 inches today, we'll see what tomorrow brings as far as ice

Monday, December 22, 2008

And Snow It Did...

First, Happy Birthday Jeff. I hope you had a great day :0) Happy B-day to Tania today also and my Mom tomorrow.

Since my last post we have got about 15 inches of snow. And to go along with it bitter cold temps, like 20 below with the wind chill all day yesterday. So we really can't even get out and enjoy the snow. Freezing cold, runny, red noses in a few minutes, yuck! We are expected to get about another 2/4 inches of snow and then Christmas Eve sleet/snow mix, double YUCK!

I baked my first ever Pumpkin Roll and it was fantastic, I will definitely make it again. I always thought it would be really hard but I found it rather easy.

We (Logan and I) also made frosted sugar cookies, coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and buckeye's (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate). They are all very good, I think my favorite cookie is the frosted sugar, I haven't had them in years and they are just really YUMMY!. Jeff liked the macaroons the best and I think Logan liked the buckeyes the best. Oh ya, we also did some chocolate molds and I made brownies for Jeff's b-day cake.

Poor Jeff got sick with a high temp, he was nice and clamy :0( Really I think the only thing he had was a high temp and he was tired, thank God. It lasted about 2 days but the poor guy working for UPS had to go in, it's a crazy time right now there as you can imagine. We had to cancel plans we had for his parents to come by from Friday to today. And we also had some family over yesterday. I am in need of a relaxation day and I think that is tomorrow. The only thing we have to do is take some books back to the library. I really don't like to be on the roads with Logan around the stores right now people are driving like crazy and some of our roads are still bad from all of this snow.

Logan got some great gifts over the past few days and I am excited to clean out his toys after Christmas to make room for the new. We are going to take a bunch of stuff for donation before the end of the year. Aunt Chris brought his gift in the adorable bag, dont you just LOVE it. It is felt and I plan to wrap it up and put it away for him for his kids.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Last night we got about 4 inches of snow and I thought for sure my little guy would want to go out in it but no. He all of a sudden doesn't want to go play in it because he doesn't want to freeze. It's pretty funny when he tells me why as he shakes himself like he is cold, to cute! I hope the snow sticks around for Christmas, I always love to have a white Christmas :0)

In other news our festivities have been on going since Friday and will continue right up to Christmas day where we will stay home and relax :0) Tania and I got together last Friday and let the kiddo's open their gifts. She got Logan this little digital camera, it's not the kid one so he LOVES it. Saturday we went to my Dad's and Step-moms with my brothers and their families and my sister. That same evening I had my annual girls night Christmas party. That was a long day, we left at 10:30 am, I dropped my guy's back off at home that evening, freshened up, left and didn't return until about 1-1:30 am. On Monday we had Jeff's Grandma over for lunch and on Friday we will have Jeff's parents over for dinner. We are also having Jeff's Aunt Chris, uncle Rick and cousin Ricky over for brunch on Sunday. I think that is our last gathering until Christmas Eve where we will gather with all of my extended family on my Mom's side and then head to my Mom's for dinner around 7:00 and gifts. Christmas day we stay home and relax. It's nice that Logan actually gets to be home and relax and enjoy all of his gifts. Usually someone will stop by for desert, no plans as of yet this year so we'll see.

I have been baking away also. I need to figure out one more type of cookie to make? I have never made a Pumpkin Roll before but I am going to try it on Sunday for our brunch with Aunt Chris. Other than being pretty busy at least every other day we have been trying to lay low on the other day's.

Logan Update: He is doing great. I think in the last 4/5 months he has really settled in. I no longer have any attachment fears, he LOVES, WANTS and needs his Mama :0) He is growing like a weed still. I was looking back at some pictures just from May and he is soooo much bigger. I had to get him some clothes for Christmas as he is almost to big for his 4T pants. When I bought them a few months ago we were rolling them and had them adjusted at the waist almost all the way and now they are out at the waist and just barley long enough. Same thing last year. He definitely grows the most in the fall, thank god we get through the summer without going up a size :0) Logan is smart as a whip, amazing on the computer and loves his friends. He can't wait for Christmas and this year I can't wait to see his face Christmas morning.

I ended up wrapping Logan gifts in the white tissue paper like Jeff wanted but I will not do this next year. Sorry babe it's boring :0) I have been asking around and most of the Mom's I talked to picked some type of fun paper. I think the suggestion I liked the best was Santa paper, something real festive. So next year it is on to something new :0)

We also celebrate a lot of Birthday's this month. My Dad just had a B-day on the 10th. Jeff's God-daughters is on the 17th and then next will be Jeff's and my BFF Tania's on the 22nd. Then my Mom's on the 23rd, whew. Happy Birthday to all of you!

I leave you with some cuteness :0)

Look how tall Logan is

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa, The Big Jolly Guy

As you can tell by the look on my little man's face he is not very happy to be sitting on Santa's lap. Jeff and I are actually sitting on either side of him on the arm's of this giant chair. The lady zoomed right in and cut us out :0) I was glad he finally sat on his lap for the picture. The ladies helping were great, they did a few tricks to make him laugh. Logan held his face as to not smile, what a little stinker. He wanted to laugh so bad but wouldn't let it out so this is what we got. He was OK as long as I was holding him and he even shook his hand but he still wouldn't talk to him. He did wish him a Merry Christmas and said thank you for the little coloring book he got when we were walking away. The picture is not to awful but not great, maybe next year he'll smile :0) click here to see last year with Santa, not happy then either.

We actually seen Santa once already at Walmart. I didn't know he was there and L didn't want anything to do with him there. The picture we got has L, me and santa L & S are both looking the other way. I gave up and said that was fine because I don't want him to always have a fear of him. Logan wasn't having anything to do with him there either. He was fine standing close and watching. The funny thing his he totally LOVES everything Santa right now but he doesn't want to talk or sit with him :0) I found this web-site that you can call Santa and they record your kiddo telling Santa their wish list and then they email it to you. Very cool Logan listened to the whole thing the elf talking but as soon as the bit jolly guy started talking he ran away, LOL!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


It has just been down right COLD these past few day's more like mid January not mid December. Yesterday it was snowing before we got up and continued well after we went to bed. We got outside a little and shoveled the driveway in the morning but by mid afternoon you really couldn't tell. There wasn't enough for the snow blower and Logan wanted to shovel so that is what we did. He made a snow angel also but it was to soft to build a snowman. The funny thing is is that for as long as it snowed we only got about 2 inches total. Today we tried to got out for a bit and it was so darn COLD we came in about 15 minutes later. We need some sunshine :0) and at least 40 degrees for a few.

I'm gonna get one :0)

Today Logan was asking me why we had presents for other people under the tree and so I explained what Christmas was all about. And then I said we give to the ones we love and he asked me if there was a present for his friend Isa. It was the sweetest thing ever and made my heart melt. My little guy loves his friends and wants to think of them also :0) We have been talking a lot about the less fortunate and how we donate to the shelters and why. EVERY time we see the Salvation Army at the stores he asked for our change to put in the pot. He even did this to my Mom the other day when they were out. I had to explain that we cannot do it at every store we will go broke, LOL!

I am all done shopping, I got the last of my gifts on Friday now the wrapping begins. I have actually done some of that to but only a few. I am up in the air about wrapping gifts. I HATE the WASTE of the paper. I will recycle it but it just bothers me to use it. I wanted to not wrap L's gifts from Santa but Jeff is not liking that idea. Jeff would like me to wrap his gifts from the Jolly guy in white tissue paper because that is what Santa did for him. I am not sure I really like that idea either so time will tell. I would like to pick a paper that is more kid friendly, maybe like his favorite thing right now. I have tried to find Buzz Lightyear paper but I can't. I did find some Snoopy paper and bought a roll because he likes him. Although he has never seen the Charlie Brown shows yet because they always come on to late and he just wasn't old enough. I bought him a shirt I got on clearance for like $1.50 and I told him who they were and that I loved them as a kid. He LOVES that shirt and I know he will love the paper. So if any of you lurkers want to chime in on how Santa wraps your kiddos gifts please do, I would love to hear what others do.

We always get such a big tree and every year we say we are going smaller but we never do. Next year we a re going thinner for sure. Jeff and I have always went and cut down a tree since our first Christmas together so of course we will carry that tradition on for a very long time. This we we went to 3 different places before we found a tree. Ridiculous I know but the first place only had a very few tall tree's the second place that is only about a mile away went into foreclosure so they did not take care of their tree's and that all looked brown, not very healthy at all. We went to a place that I had seen online the night before that was about 20 minutes from where we were and it was a hidden gem. They had SOOOOOOO many BEAUTIFUL tree's it took some time to pick one out. Well actually as soon as we walked up I seen a great tree but another family had left their saw there and claimed it. We found the perfect tree and love it, it looks beautiful and smells fantastic.
This is our beautiful tree, we cut about 3 feet off the bottom.

From december 2008

When we went and cut down our tree I took some good pictures, I ended up using one for our Christmas cards. I ordered 2 different cards and the Blue one is by far my favorite. The Red one is nice but a little to formal of a picture of the 3 of us for me. I love how cute Logan looks with that Santa hat on and he was just being silly like his normal self so that picture was perfect to represent who he is :0)

I am really excited for Christmas this year. Logan is way into it and knows whats going on and it's making it that much more fun. Most of our neighbors decorate their houses and so do we so our street looks great. I am looking into going and seeing this light show next weekend. It is like a five mile drive through a park it's suppose to be spectacular so I know L will love it but I think it is like an hour drive each way so it's still up for debate. I am going to do a little more research online before we make a decision about it.

Well it's time to get my little man to bed and relax. I have been going non stop all day, actually for days now :0)