Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting ready for Pre-school

This past Tuesday I took Logan into his new pre-school for an evaluations. It seems like ours is one of the few districts around that evaluate the kids before they go into PS. I have friends in many different districts and ours is the only one that I heard of doing this. Logan did great he scored 87. The lady told me he did better than most of the kids that she had seen and to keep doing what I am doing. He wouldn't tell this stranger his name but he would spell it for her, LOL! He got points taken off because he didn't know where his jaw was, I thought this was funny because I have such a hard time with my TMJ and he knows all about the jaw. He also lost points because he couldn't tell her where the heel of his foot was, strange questions. He did GREAT with colors and counting, problem solving, shapes and hoping on one foot although he did better with his right than left. He also new his address could draw his shapes and a couple other things. They should have asked him to spell a few words he would have got a better score, LOL! He LOVED going and I can't wait for him to start, he is really looking forward to it. Yesterday in the mail he got the cutest home-made card from his new teacher telling him how she can't wait to meet him and play and learn, he was tickled pink and is now even more excited to go. All he keeps saying is how nice it was for her to send him that and he want's to make he a thank you card :0)

Logan is now reading about 15-20 words and can spell about 15 here us a list of the words he is reading, I am sure I'll forget a few.
MOM, DAD, IF, IT, AND, THE, PLAY, GO, DOG, STOP, ON, OFF, I forget what else right now but man my boy is not even 4 1/2 yet and of course I think he is the smartest kid out there :0)

Yesterday my BFF and I took the kids to the Detroit Red Wings open house. It was really cool. We got to tour the locker room and they had some puck shots for the kids. Logan got up there shot the first one missed by a mile and then shot the second one right into this little hole they had cute out :0) It was so cool the whole line started to scream for him, it was so awesome. Then we were standing there to take some pics on the Zamboni and Steve Yzerman walked right by us, of course I wasn't paying attention and before I knew it all I got a pic of was the back of his head. He literally was only a foot away from us, right in front of our faces. Logan did not want to wear his Red Wings jersey he wanted to wear his jersey we got him in Russia. That was fine by me as we have a few Russians on out team. We had a great time, thanks for taking us Tania!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Having Fun!

Summer is coming to an end and we are trying to fit in a whole lot of fun :0) It seems like we have been on the go this past week trying to fit in as much as we can before my little man starts Pre-school in a few short weeks. We have been to a bunch of new parks and Logan loves them all. We went to the library the other day and checked out a few books about starting school and have talked about it a lot. I love the fact that his PreS has the child and parent come in the first day for an hour together and then his next day is on his own. Logan will go Mon/Weds/Fri for 3 hours a day. I am sure he will do fine as he is getting very excited about it. I have been clothes shopping over the past month picking up thing here and there so I don't spend a lot at once. I cannot believe how expensive it is to send him to school. Logan picked out his back pack the other day and he picked Woody & Buzz. I thought he would have picked something else but he just really LOVES them. I can't wait, in 2010 they are releasing Toy Story 3.

Any ways, that's all I have time for now so I will leave you with some pics of my little guy. We went to the fair the other day with our neighbors and their little guy who is 5 1/2. Logan got BRAVE and went on a lot of rides he wouldn't go on just at the beginning of summer. My baby is no longer a baby :0(
I guess they have to grow up :0)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy 38 to Me!

Yesterday to celebrate my B-day My mom and Step-dad, my BFF and her daughter and my Niece and her Boyfriend came over for a BBQ and and ice cream cake, we had fun. I am still shocked as I turn a year older every year. Not sure why? aging is inevitable but I guess the fact that I am 38 today is enough to feel that way. It still feel's like yesterday I got my drivers license :0)

The hubby did a great job of gift giving. Remember a few post ago I said how Logan told me he loved me to Jupiter and back. Well the DH went and had that engraved into a travel coffee mug for me, it brought tears to my eye's. Thanks Jeff that was the best gift ever.

Logan is doing great! We just had our last PPR with our Social worker. This is the final step in the adoption, it's hard to believe that Logan will be with us for 3 years next month. Last year at our visit he was 40 inches and 38 lbs, this year he is 44 inches and 44 lbs, man my boy is big! I'll update more soon with our summer happenings.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy 10 year Anniversary!

Wow, I cannot believe we have been married for 10 years. It's been a great ride and I'm looking forward to the next 10 :0)

Happy anniversary Jeff, you are a great husband and father :0) I can't wait to kick your butt on the golf course tomorrow :0)

This picture was at the end of the night. We went to the bar after and I didn't want to ruin my dress

Sunday, August 2, 2009

To Jupiter and Back

Logan told me tonight at bedtime that he Loved me to Jupiter and back, how sweet is that :0) I just love my little guy to pieces!

We have been on the go. We had another grad party today, the last of 5. Thank God! It's been and expensive summer. Lots going on and no time to write a post but I had to write down how sweet my boy is. I doubt I will ever forget that but it's nice to have it here on my blog for one day when he may read it.

Huckleberry Railroad