Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays From Our Family To Yours

Playing while looking for the perfect tree

WOW, That's Our Tree

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary!

Happy Birthday Jeff, I hope you had a great day :), I know your days at work right now are long with the Holidays.

Happy 3 month Anniversary to us, I cannot believe it's been that long since we became a family of 3 instead of two, yet it seems like Logan has always been here. It has been so UNBELIEVABLY JOYFUL (and stressful) watching Logan change from this frail little "Chicken Man" into this beautiful little beefcake(he was just as beautiful then). He amazes me everyday at the things he does, he is definitely trying to say words now, the newest Papa. I am going to have his speech evaluated with the school district some time after the New Year, it's a free service until they are 3 and it will be great to just have a scheduled activity. I think that is the only thing he is delayed in, I get a toddler tracker from babycener and he is doing all of the things others his age besides words. His speech delay is not from just hearing English for the first time a few months ago it is from lack of communication and face to face contact, believe me Logan understands just about everything you say to him now.

I also want to say Happy Birthday to Tania, you are truly a GREAT friend and I couldn't have made it through the last couple of years without you :)!

Happy Birthday to my Mom tomorrow the 23rd, your support through all of the crap since we have been home has been wonderful.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Photo Shoot!

I wanted to share these pics, Logan was Hilarious, I really thought I would only get one shot with him squating down in front of the tree. We put his stool in front of the tree and I just sat him on it and he went to town. It turned into this big shoot, as you can see, I must have 30 pics. It really was sooooooo funny, I said Logan go get Teddy and he did, we just rolled with it, We had so much fun.

He is getting so big, 6 pounds and 2 inches, it's gotta hurt growing that much in 11 weeks. Every day is different mostly happy and affectionate but still some whiny and distant days. When this happens I carry him and hold him more than normal and believe me I carry/hold him all the time, it really helps. I think this past week there was so much crap going on it made him a little cranky. I am sure he misses his old home, care-takers and friends. We need a play date with some kids soon, anyone available?

He still does not call me Mommy, he knows if you say take it to Mommy or look at Mommy he will. I know he know's my name is Mommy but I wonder how long it will take before he calls me Mommy? I do not think he knows what a Mom means yet but we are making strides. He still has trouble making eye contact when I rock him with his bottle to sleep, I am really working on that but man it's a hard thing for him to do, I know he will get there. He is starting to snuggle and lay down next to you and showing many other positive signs of attachment but just like anything it will just take time.

Daddy showed Logan how to smile

What a ham

I Love My Teddy, thanks Deb, Jay & Alec!

Kissing Elmo

My Blankie