Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Welcome Home!

I got Logan's pictures back, I think they turned out really cute. These were taken about 4 weeks ago, Logan has changed so much since then, that's the only bad thing about Walmart it took that long to get them back.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

8 Weeks, WOW, What A Difference!

I cannot believe it has been 8 weeks since we picked up Logan, he has changed so much over such a short time. He has went from not liking books to LOVING them, it is the first thing he wants to do when he wakes up, well after turning on his music box :) He can get on the couch all by himself now, he is not so anxious anymore when I walk out of the room, none of the 12 month shirts fit him, he is now in a 12 month pant. He has 4 new teeth and now weighs 24 pounds and that is just a few of the things. Everyday I look at him in amazement of all the changes he has made physically and emotionally, how well he is doing for such life changing events that have taken place in his short life. I love him more every day, I didn't think I could love him any more than I did yesterday :)

On Friday I put him in this outfit that he wore in Russia, I couldn't believe it, it fit him perfectly. Everything I brought to Russia was WAY to big, poor baby, nothing fit, we had to go buy him shoes, we made do with the clothes but he was swimming. This inspired me to do a couple of comparison pics from our time in Russia to 8 weeks later, enjoy and smile at the difference, I sure do!

Oh ya, Logan painted today for the first time, he had a great time as you can see from the pics, thank God for non-toxic paints.

Our visit before court and Chix Pox

Our Gotcha Day, poor "little Chicken Man"

I cannot believe the difference

Full blown Pox!

I'd rather paint my arm!

I'm hungry Mom!


Monday, November 13, 2006


OK, Logan's Passport finally came back from the Russian Embassy. I did not mail a return envelope with all of the documents and the pre-paid way bill, they called and told me I needed to send an envelope. I guess it is to hard to ask the Fed Ex driver for a free envelope when they are picking up or dropping off. I sent it to them at the beginning of October but they said they never got it so I sent it again, they got it this time and sent it right away. All they did was put a stamp in his passport, it is nice that we finally have it back, I finally got to go and apply for Logan's SS#. he has to have a number before we could claim him on our taxes. I was at the SS office for about an hour, I went there as soon as they opened so it wasn't that bad.

Logan is doing really well, what else can I say besides I am amazed at the changes I see in him everyday.

This picture reminds me of one of my favorite Christmas movies "A Christmas Story" is he not the cutest thing!

Monday, November 6, 2006

Just A Few Pics!

I just found these pictures on my Camera, I took a few pics without my memory card in the camera so these were stored in the internal memory. I forgot about them until I did it again the other day, I forget to take the card out of the computer and put it back in the camera, oh well!

These pictures are of our apartment in Moscow, we stayed right on World Famous Arbat Street, what a view we had and we were up high enough all of the traffic really didn't bother us. This apartment was great for Newlyweds(or if you don't have a child w/you), singles or if you picked up a hooker/stripper, check out the pics and you will see what I am talking about :)(you can click on the picture to make it bigger). We really did enjoy having a kitchen and our own space. This was the last apartment available when we were traveling so we took it, I thought it had a washer/dryer, it didn't but still the KITCHEN, nothing like it when you are traveling with a Toddler or your husband.

You will notice Logan in our bed sleeping and not in the play-pen, it is because he blew out his diaper and it smelled something awful. I tried everything to get the smell out but nothing would work, I scrubbed it w/soap, sprayed it with odor-eater at least 5 times and then used Purell on it to disinfect it. I just could not put him back in it, I swear nothing as cute as him should smell that bad. :) Thank God that was our last night in Moscow. I really feel bad for the next kid that gets put in it :)

Notice the shower right behind the bed, it was surrounded by mirrors and windows and right in the middle of the room, this is where the stripper/hooker comes in.

View from our apartment window.