Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun in the Snow!

Even though I am SOOOOOO over the snow, Logan and I managed to have some fun in the 6 inches that came down yesterday!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Logan say's GO TEAM RUSSIA!

We bought this jersey for him in Moscow when we completed our adoption and it was WAY to big, not anymore! I cannot believe how much my baby has grown.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wow, Time Goes By So Fast

So, we have been so busy. We are trying to figure out what is best for Logan as far as Kindergarten goes, half day or full day. I REALLY want half day but I will not find out until the end of Feb if they will offer it at Logan's school. I do have the choice to put him in a different school if they don't offer it but I feel uneasy about that to. I don't want to bounce him around from school to school. He is in a free standing pre-school now so if he can't go 1/2 day at his school then he would be in 3 different places before 1st grade and I don't like that. So I guess if they don't have half day at his school we try full day and see how it goes. The half day program is the same as full day they just don't have a lunch and rest time. Gosh, please let there be half day:0)

Last weekend we went and watched Jeff's god-daughter in her dance competition... They rocked, placed 2nd in 2 dances and 1st in the Hip-Hop and then took grad-champs over all, way to go girls!

Logan is doing great. He LOVES school and has made a lot of new friends. He is reading new words everyday and blows me away at how smart he is:0) He started swim class w/one of his friends from school and he loves it even more w/Josh in class with him. We have a few invites to b-day parties for friends from school and then his is next month. I CAN"T BELIEVE MY BABY IS GOING TO BE 5, OMG!

Any ways, things are great on our end...I made a little slide show of our happenings over the last few months...