Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!


We decided this year to lay low, we did not pass out candy and we did not take Logan out. I thought it would be way to much stimulation for him and I was right. We went by my Mom's house, they were passing out candy and Logan was loving all the kids that came to the door. Well before you knew it he was walking in circles not knowing what he wanted so we packed it up and headed home. He had a hard time going to sleep tonight but he is out now.

I had to take the picture of Logan's Certificate of Citizenship off of the blog, I did not notice that it says no pictures or copies can be made of it, it is punishable by law, OOPS!

I just like this picture (besides the ugly jammies) :)

Monday, October 30, 2006

One More Piece of The Puzzle

Today in the mail we received Logan's Certificate of Citizenship, it is really cool so I thought I would share it. There are only a couple of things left to finish. We have to get Logan's SS# but we have been waiting on this certificate to do that so it looks as if I may be going to SS this week to apply for it. We need it for taxes, we cannot claim him until he has a number. We have sent his passport to the Russian Embassy to register him with the consult, Logan has dual citizenship and this is one of the steps that the Russian government require, hopefully we will get it back soo

We are also planning on re-adopting him here in Michigan so that way he will have access to a Birth Certificate if he ever needs more than just the original. We only have one and if it ever gets lost or he needs multiple copies we will have to get it from the Russian Government and who knows if that would happen.

Logan is doing well, I know he feels a little more comfortable everyday. He has started to engage play and bring his books to me. He is so cute, he has not wanted me to read to him but I have done so any ways. He would come over and try and close them, I wouldn't let him and would keep reading, now he knows that I am going to read if he likes it or not. It seems like he is paying no attention to me and then when I am done with the story I will say The End, he comes over takes the book from me puts it back on the shelf and sometimes hands me another. He has started coming to us for hugs and kisses, He likes to be held when he first wakes up and has started playing in his crib before falling a sleep and when he wakes. Every day I notice he climbs on me a little more or just wants to sit on me, AHHHHH, it's so nice. I know some of you may not think these things are big deals but believe me they are.

The changes I have seen over the last month are just amazing. He is so intelligent, funny, smart, bright and just so darn adorable. Jeff and I took him to the park the other day he loves the slide, so Mommy got to go down them with him, boy it's been a while. Logan gets cabin fever so we have to something everyday, usually a walk will do the trick, if not we head to the store, he loves to shop :)

I took this last picture today. Logan and I were going for our daily walk and my friend Jennifer was out so I asked her if her and Blake wanted to go. I used her props to take a couple of pics. Logan loves Blake and he got so excited when Blake walked around the corner, I am so glad I got his excitement on film, he loves kids.

We took him to have his pictures taken today, we tried Babies R Us but they all turned out yucky. He was all smiles until they tried to take his picture. So on our way home we stopped at WalMart and guess what, they did a great job and got some great shots. I cannot believe we have to wait until Nov. 25th to get them back, it will be a long wait. I will post one when they come in.

Friday, October 20, 2006

4 Weeks!

I cannot believe it has been 4 weeks since we picked up the little "Chicken Man". The changes that have taken place over the last 4 weeks blow me away, look at these pics the change in his face is incredible. He hated baths now you can't get his clothes off fast enough, he starts to climb over you to get in. He has figured out that if he does not like something he does not have to eat it, there will be something different. Logan has really started to bond with Jeff and I, he loves to snuggle when he first gets up, everyday he becomes more attached to his yellow blankie. Just 3 days ago he really wanted to play by himself but he wanted me to watch, now as of yesterday he has really started to interact with me and engage play, handing me books and pointing at the pictures. I read to him everyday whether he likes it or not, he usually tries to close the book as I am reading but I don't let him and I keep reading. It was the greatest yesterday he dished out at least 30 kisses to me, He has started to hold my hand, I know some of you may be thinking "big deal" but it really is. He held my hand and we walked around the house twice pulling his new toy, I was in heaven.

Sometimes I sit and stare at Logan and I want to pinch myself, it's hard to believe that this funny, beautiful baby is my son, it was such a long journey for us to find each other. I cannot imagine having any other baby as my son, bio or adopted, I guess there always is a plan even if it takes a while for us to get there. :)

Our First Day Together

Having Fun in Moscow

Like My PJ's, My Dad sure does :)

On the Plane Leaving Moscow

Check Out My Cheeks, Home 4 weeks!

I Love My Blankie!!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Some Pictures, Finally

A Long Awaited Reunion

Picking Up The Chicken Man

Finally a Family

St. Basil Cathedral

A US Citizen

How Cool Am I

Growing By The Day

I Finally Like My Bath

How Cute Am I!

2 Pounds And A 1/2 Inch, Oh My!

Logan has been home just over 2 weeks now, some days it still feels like a dream. He is gaining weight and getting taller by the day. At his Dr's appointment on Thursday we were told that he acts like a typical 18 month old, he has a delay in speech which we already new and he is still small but as the title says he gained 2 pounds and grew a 1/2 inch since we picked him up 3 weeks ago, WOW. I bought him 2 rompers when we got home and neither one of them fit anymore, it seems like he would be in some pain growing that fast.

We are still struggling with some attachment problems but I know everything will be just fine as I expected them. I am so glad that I did all of my research, no matter what anyone says, I know what is going on, I would be lost if I didn't. I think Logan might be experiencing some grief over his loss of his past care-givers and home, he seems to be pretty whiny the last couple of days, poor baby, I hope he can feel the love here. He pushes his boundaries more with me than Jeff but I tell him no and Daddy is a push over still, HA-HA. Jeff said I was going to be the push over, I kept telling him there was no way, he would be and it looks like I am right. I know Logan misses all of the kids that he use to play with everyday, when we go for our walks he just stares at the kids playing, he has played with a couple of the kids but I am still trying to limit him being around other woman. I want to take him to the mall and let him play in the play area soon, Jeff and I did last week and he had a blast.

Any ways, I have been trying to post pictures but blogger won't let me so I am going to try ad use my Moms computer, we'll see. Leave comments if you wish I love to hear what you have to say.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

10 Steps Back!

I learned the importance of everything I have been saying about attachment for the last couple of months last night. It is sooooooo important to limit the affection from others down to none for now. That means no touching, caressing, long eye contact or hugs, even if Logan wants it. It is very important for others to re-direct him back to me if he goes in for a hug. I sent out an email with some great advice about this but I think it may have been overlooked. When he try's to hug someone it is crucial for that person not to hug him back, you should look at Logan and tell him who you are and say something like Logan where's your Mama, oh there she is and she loves you very much and she takes good care of you, go give Mama a hug. I know this is a very hard thing to do but it is very important. There should be no engagement from others while he is being fed, getting his diaper change or when there is any other care taking going on. It is crucial to Logan's well being that all of this happen.

Last night we had a house full of people (this was our own fault) and our little chicken man was having a great time, he even went in for a couple of hugs, which under any circumstances should be given in return. I know this is asking a lot but it is very important and it is only for a limited time. Some may say this is a good thing but for now it is not. Logan has only been with us for less than a week and to him we are just 2 people taking care of him. He has had many women take care of him so to him I am just another and we need to change that. He needs to BOND with ME before any other women. So he got way to much caressing even when he tried to move away it was still done, he gave a hug and it was returned. I am upset about this because I have talked to and sent many emails about this out. I guess people really do not respect our wishes so we have decided that we WILL NOT be having any company for the next couple of weeks.

Logan has been doing great with us and forming and attachment to both Jeff and I but it has been less than a week since he became a family member. He really does not engage with others (besides kids) and that is a good thing, for now. Logan has a very strong will and like any other toddler he is testing his ground and trying to figure things out. Of course he is not like any other toddler who has been raised in a home since birth, he has very special needs as far as bonding and trust, just a week ago he was in his home, the only home he has ever known and we took him from all of that. I know what he has now is better but he does not know that, he is to young to understand. He does like Jeff and I and wants us to love on him, YAHOO!

OK, let me tell you why the title of 10 steps back. When he goes into a tantrum he still wants me to pick him up and love on him. I have rocked him to sleep every night with a bottle since we picked him up and last last few days he has started to stare into my eyes while this is happening. Well last night after getting all of this affection from another women, my son did not really want me, he wanted Jeff. That is OK but he has never acted that way before he has always wanted to come to me. Last night it was horrible, I started to rock him with his bottle and he drank it for about 2 minutes never looking at me once, he then proceeded to start beating himself in the head with his hands, kicking his feet and trying to get away from me. When I let him down he grabbed his blankie and curled up on the floor by himself and fell right to sleep. This is why it is so important for others to show him NO affection. I know that some people do not get this because they did not parent their children this way but their children was not adopted at 18 months from a Russian orphanage.

I ask you all to please RESPECT what I am asking and do not hug or caress him and limit your eye contact, Please! His best interest is the most important not anyone elses