Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My"Big Boy" lost his first tooth

I know I have been REALLY bad about updating the blog. First Happy New Year, I know a little late but better than never, right?

Second my baby has had another big milestone, he lost his first tooth:0) It fell out yesterday in gym class, Logan was so excited about losing it at school, he got to bring his tooth home in a little orange treasure chest. Lost of other things going on and not a minute to write on the blog. Logan is rockin in school, he is reading just under a second grade level. He is above where he needs to be in all areas. I am such a proud Mommy. He got his first valentine note sent to him in school today from a little girl in his class, they had "Valentine Grams" that you could buy for .30 it was a card and a pencil, so cute. He already has a "girlfriend" I heard 3 while helping one day in class, but he says no just one and that is a girl named Sierra. I always knew I was going to be in trouble with him, he has ALWAYS liked pretty girls.

All is well around her besides the DEEP FREEZE that we have been in for a while now. I sure hope that Groundhog was right :0) I am sooooooo over winter!

Any ways just look at how handsome my boy is, he is growing up way to fast~

Just a cute pic :0)

Snow what fun...

Another big thing going on right now is that we are adopting again, but this time it is a little girl doggy who we named Lily. She will not be with us until March 15th she is still to little to leave her mom:0) Here's a few pics of her also just because she is so darn cute!