Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What we've been up to = A LOT!

I find myself rushing to post this and get to bed. We have been pretty much on the go around here. We signed Logan up for Pre T-ball, he starts in the middle of June, I'm not sure how he will do he has never showed any interest in sports really. One day we were going to my Mom's and the kids were in the school field and we had to stop and watch them. Since then he has talked about baseball and want to try. I hope he likes it if not oh well it was only $27 thru our township and he gets a t-shirt also.

The other BIG thing that I signed Logan up for was Preschool. It was a hard day kind of :0( I can't believe my baby is going off to school. I am sad but happy at the same time. I'm happy because L really needs to go off to school to be with other kids everyday and it's going to be nice having a few hours to get some things done by my self come this fall. I am sad because my baby is growing up way to fast!

We have been so busy working around the house. I lifted all of the pavers on both sides of our driveway and leveled them out. They have really caved in and separated since we moved in 6 yrs ago and I could see it was an accident waiting to happen. That took me about a week total, there is still more that needs to be done in the back by our deck but that is going to have to wait. I must say I did a really good job for having never tried it before;0) We moved a yard of mulch, well Jeff pretty much did most of the mulch because of my neck. I planted the garden and all of my flowers are done, I even pulled a Radish out of the ground the other day and Logan ate it up :0) I had to chop down 2 Sandcherry shrubs because of disease now I need to get the stumps out so I can replace them with these really cool shrubs I bought. We opened the pool, well Jeff did that to :0), I did put some Chlorine in the day before he took the cover off and I could see down inside that the water was clear, yahoo that made it so much easier. We have our Sub garage sale this Thursday, Fri and Sat so the past 3 days I had to get ready for that. Oh and the list can go on because you know then there is all of the inside chores that need to get done also.I had Logan call his Papa and ask him to come over with his new toy (a powerwasher) and clean the play-scape off. It needs to be painted and having papa do it is going to save me a days work, thanks Dave!

I have made time for Logan also, he has really got to hang out with his friends in the neighborhood a lot these past few months since it has gotten warm. The other day there were 4 Mom's and 7 kids just having a BLAST together, it's going to be a FUN summer and a long one all my boy wants to do is play outside with the other kids.

I finally did the storybook from Shutterfly from our journey to Logan. I did from trip one until the day we finally brought Logan home and landed in the US. I hope to take some pics of some of the pages and post them. I really can't wait to see it, I'm so excited:0) It did take me a few days to do it, so if you want to do one plan on it, it is definitely time consuming.

Any ways, here are some pictures of my little cutie and one of Julia thrown in there because she is just so cute :0) And yes I know my boy needs a hair cut, can you believe how big his Mohawk is, LOL! It just so happens we are going today.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all of you Mom's out there and Mom's to be, Happy Mother's Day!
I hope you had a wonderful day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

And She's Not Even an Octopus

A funny by my little man. We were at the store the other day standing in line to check out and the lady behind us had her arms full of stuff. Logan looked at her and then said to me "wow Mom she has a lot of stuff and she's not even an Octopus" I just about died laughing. That kid of mine sure is funny!

Today we met my mom for lunch and when she bit into her sandwich it dripped down her shirt and she said "oh shit" so what does little man say "oh chip" I'm glad he heard her wrong :0)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a Slacker!

I have been getting harassed by some because I have not posted much in a while. We have just been really busy. It has finally become spring around here and my little guy just wants to be out with his friends all the time :0) I'm not complaining because we had a really nice family move in a couple houses down and the kids love each-other and their mommy and I are becoming pretty good friends.

We went to the Science center and Logan loved it. I forgot my camera so I only had the cell phone and it really didn't take that great of pictures :0( I think Logan is a little young for most of it but he had a good time anyways. We will definitely go back. Actually he has told me almost everyday that he can't wait to go back with his friends and show them everything :0)

My health has been improving THANK GOD! I was really not well there for a while and I am starting to feel much better. I was fitted for this VERY annoying mouth traction to get my TMJ under control. It was really getting bad. My jaw was locking up for weeks at a time and really starting to cause a lot of facial pain, dizziness, eye & sinus problems and some migraines in my eye/temple area. I have to wear this appliance for the next 6-8 months, 24 hrs a day and it is NOT easy. My TMJ expert informed me it was one of the worst cases he has seen in years. He told me not only is it because I am a clincher but my jaw did not line up right since birth, more of a deformity. This mouth piece does not allow my bottom and top teeth to touch, I am on a lot of restriction as what I can eat, how to chew, workouts and the list goes on. The first 11 days were HELL, I had a lot worse symptoms (all normal) but it has been 17 days now and I am feeling the positives coming out.

I also had an MRI done of my neck because I was having a lot of numbness, tingling and pain in my left arm and I found out that I have Spinal Stenosis So I guess in other words give me a new neck and jaw and I'll be fine, LOL! Now I will start to work on that also. The best treatment I think for that is decompression so I ordered this on advice from my Chiropractor who I can no longer have adjustments from only neck stretches BOO HOO, I looked forward to getting cracked every couple of weeks. I also have no curve in my neck, it is bone straight, from a car accident I was in when I was 19 so I am looking into how to get the curve back also. So needless to say I hardly ever pick up my 43 pounder any more :0( I usually sit and have him come and climb in my lap. I do still pick him up every once and a while, it's hard to resist his cute little face.

OK, so back to Logan, he is doing well. I was told by everyone that 4 is such a wonderful age. I do agree that communication is so much better and it is a fun age BUT it is also VERY trying. My little guy now knows it all and can do everything by himself and has become a little dare devil. I am sure we will be in the hospital for stitches or a broken bone of some sort before the end of summer (I hope not but even my neighbors agree) A couple weeks ago he decided he was going for a bike ride whether anyone was going with him or not and despite me screaming for him and then chasing after him he kept going and got way out of my sight. Well he was grounded from his bike for that for the rest of the day and the next. He got a new bike from his Nanny & Papa for his B-day and he is WAY to fast on it. Then just yesterday he decided he was crossing the street by himself and ran across without even looking. My heart sank, thank God there were no cars coming because we live on a pretty busy street. That was about a 10 minute conversation with multiple reminders since so hopefully he does not do that again.

Logan has always been a pretty good boy compared to most, don't get me wrong we have had our share of not listening but his new found "I don't have to" and "I'm going to do what I want" is very hard to take. I was telling my friend I think it is so much harder because he has always listened and been pretty compliant for the most part that the total lack of disregard is throwing me for a loop. I told her that although we had to parent a very unconventional way for a while because of attachment I never had any other children so that was all I know, this not listening thing is driving me nuts. I know this is all a learning process for him and that all kids test and are brats that is how they learn so I hope this phase passes quickly because one can only have so many time outs :0)

Logan's Easter basket

Science Center

Julia's 2nd B-day party, Elmo was there!

The Oscar Mayer car