Monday, March 31, 2008

Sick & Clingy

It has been a VERY LONG 10 days with my little man. He has been sick so of course he is clingy and whiny. I am so over the whiny voice, it has made it's way under my skin and I am trying to stay patient : ) I hope he loses the runny nose soon, his cough is almost all gone but still there a little.

I took off for a day last weekend to see some friends in Ohio, we had a lot of fun as we usually do. I brought it up that next year is our 20 year class reunion and I was told to shut up. No one wants to believe that it has been almost 20 years, HOLY COW! I cannot believe it myself but I think we all look pretty good for our age. I am really looking forward to our reunion because most of the people I went to school with I haven't seen since my Senior year because I moved out of state. I have stayed in contact with a few of my best friends from high-school, well I have known them since I was 14 so for the majority of my life and I am so glad that we have stayed close all these years living hours away from each-other.

Logan is growing like a weed, not only in height and inches but mentally and emotionally also. I weighed and measured him the other day and he is now almost 37 pound and he is just under 40 inches. He measures about 96% for both on the growth charts, a far cry from the 3% when he came home just 1 1/2 years ago. He weighed only 19 lbs and was only 29 3/4 inches tall. I still can't get over how much he has changed : )

Another BIG mile stone for L is he has now officially been with us for longer than he was in the baby-house.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Logan's 3rd B-day Party!

We had a great time. Logan was so funny, every-time the doorbell rang or someone knocked he ran to the door saying "my family/friends are here, just in time". He was so fired up and excited, I told my Mom he was like a ping-pong ball. Logan got a lot of great gifts and some money also that we put right in the bank. I took a few things back that he already had or didn't fit and we bought him a new bike. He has out-grown his tricycle and is definitely ready for a big-boy bike w/some training wheels. He bounced from a few different gifts all day yesterday, he went in a circle from his scooter that he told me was his favorite gift, to his Keyboard, to the Moon sand and his Leap pad that he got. Today he was playing with all of them but also included a giant Fire truck that he got.

His cake turned out better than I had hoped and it tasted great also. The party went well. We had a little hiccup when Jeff went to get the pizza, they lost our order so he had to go elsewhere but oh well what can ya do. Logan had a great time and so did his guest.

My friend Allyson who lives in California sent Logan a beautiful quilt that she made him and he absolutely LOVES it. Allyson said her son wanted it and I can see why, she did a wonderful job on it. He got it in the mail on Monday (or Tues?) and he has slept with it every night since. It matches his room perfectly. Thank you Allyson it is a wonderful gift and he will treasure it forever as will I. I will tuck the card away so he can appreciate what you wrote inside when he is old enough to understand
: )

Happy 3rd B-day, baby! I love being your Mommy and I feel so honored that the stars all lined up for us to become a family when they did. You are such a wonderful little guy, I have no doubt you are going to grow up to become a great man with a heart of gold.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What a Great B-day, Fun was had by All!

We started our day at home, Logan opened some gifts, he is so funny he opened some puzzles and he said "oh, just what I needed". We got him the Candy Land Castle and he seems to really like that to, he knew exactly what it was when he opened it, darn commercials. We got him a kids digital camera and some rain boots that we are giving him at his party tomorrow. I think he will love the boots and is going to want to go stomp in some puddles right away : ) I know he is going to LOVE the camera, he really likes to take pictures and I really don't let him play w/my camera. We had lunch at home and then we left around nap time. Logan only slept for about an hour but that was enough.

We headed off to Zehnder's Splash Village in Frankenmuth, MI. what a great place. I highly recommend taking your kids here if they are over 2 1/2 to 3 years old. I think if you want to go somewhere with a child under 2 1/2 to go the the Bavarian Inn just down the street. Logan LOVED it, we played, played and played some more. We got there around 3:00 went to the arcade at the Bavarian Inn, played games, Putt-putt and then got dinner. We got back to the room around 6:30 and we went to the water park. It was a little cold but that didn't stop Logan. We called it a night around 8:00 and went back to our room. Of course we went back to the water park in the morning before we headed home and played for about an hour. We had such a great time, two thumbs up to Zehnder's we will definitely go back.

I am not sure what Logan liked the best. He loved walking in the Lazy River, it came up to his chest and he thought he was the coolest thing ever walking all by himself in the water. He wanted to go down one of the big slides so Jeff took him, they came out of that tube like a rocket and flipped right over. Logan did not like it and neither did Jeff he said it was really hard to hold onto Logan. I am proud of Logan that he even wanted to try, I didn't even go down one. He was fine but he definitely was not going to try it again. He liked the Hot tub also but you know you can only stay in a few minutes, he really enjoyed the giant bucket that fills up and tips water out, I think it hold like 500 gallons and this cow bell goes off to warn you it's happening. Every time Logan heard it he wanted to go get under it so he would get splashed, he and Daddy really enjoyed that, I stayed away ;)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy 3rd birthday, Logan

We are off on a little adventure to celebrate Logan's 3rd b-day. I'll let you all know what we did and post some pics when we get back.

Here are Logan's 3 year pics. they turned out really nice thank God. I made 2 different appointments because he has been so uncooperative the last time getting them taken so I wanted to be covered plus I had some great coupons. We went to "My Photographer" first they had real bunnies. I normally would not take Logan for pics for Easter but since it is just after his b-day this year why not throw a few in.

Well he did not want to take his pics but we manage to get 2 good pics at My photographer. Logan was doing everything he could to not smile, he made all kids of funny faces trying not to laugh or smile, what a stinker. I got such a great deal at "Portrait Innovations" that we went there to and I am so glad we did, she took 76 pictures they were all good but I had already bought the pics form My Photographer because Logan was not being very corporative and I just wasn't sure. I later found out that Logan was sick still and he actually had Roseola, he had a high fever for 2 days and then the rash showed up the day after the fever broke which happen to be the day we went for pictures. I did not know this at the time or we would have stayed home. Any ways, I'm glad we kept our appointment for Tuesday because they did such a great job. I could have bought all of the pictures at Portrait Innovations but we only got 3 different ones.

I have good and bad things to say about all the places we have been for pics so I am saving that for it's own post.

Look's like a school picture, how cute : ) Jeff had to have this one
These are from Portrait Innovations

I love this picture

These are from My Photographer

Sunday, March 9, 2008

They Saved Our Egg Hunt : )

We went on an egg hunt with Debra and Alec this past Saturday, we got some really bad weather just like last year. Our weather was nothing like in Ohio, my friend in Columbus said they reported 20.7 inches from Friday morning till about midnight on Saturday, OMG! We got about 3 inches but had very strong winds and blowing snow, you know the kind where the road just disappears while driving. It was only about 20 degrees but with the wind it felt more like 5. We thought what the heck we'll only be outside for a few and we could deal with that. We were so happy when we got there and we found out they moved it inside, YAHOO! I know it would have better if we would have been outside because the egg's were just kinda laying around but the boy's really didn't care and we were all happy about being inside : )

I am not sure if I like where we went this year or last better. I am sure if Easter was in April like it usually is it would be beautiful at the farm we went to yesterday. But the nursery where we went last year is beautiful and I kinda like how they did it inside, they had eggs stuck inside flower heads and in pots, it was a lot of fun (see archive March 07). I think it is usually outside there also but the weather was bad that day. Logan and I are going to go to my Mom's subdivision in 2 weeks for there Egg Hunt so I hope it is nicer by then.

Logan said some really cool things to me last night. I left for a little while and when I got back he told me he was glad that I was home, and then when I took him to bed he said to me "Mommy I love you the best" that is the FIRST time Logan has told me he loved me first. I always say Logan I love you and he will say "I love you mama" but he has never told me he loved me first, it was such a wonderful feeling : )

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What a Stinker!

This video is from the other day, Logan and I were playing with his cars and he was having such a great time. It was funny all of a sudden he is saying "Mama welcome to cars" it was soooooo funny.

I am so glad I just let the bed thing go (see last post) after that night of finding him in the chair he has been sleeping peacefully in his bed for both nap and night. I thought it was just a phase like what he's doing now every time we are out we are ending up in the bathroom for him to pee 3 or 4 times in 30 minutes. What do you do because I know the first time I don't take him he will wet his pants, he is letting a little out every time or I probably would not be taking him. We have the talk every time that he should only say he has to go when he really does, blah, blah, blah.

Logan has had a fever the past few day's, today he seems fine but when I changed his clothes at the photo studio he had some red dots on his belly so I will keep on eye on it. He had the Chicken Pox already so I am not to worried about that, I do know they can come back a second time. It was not there this morning so I am a little stumped maybe he rubbed something at the play/germ area, ya never know. I couldn't believe this lazy Mom told her kids not to take off their shoes because they were to hard to put back on, she said something to me and I told her they should because it ruins the play area and that it is for safety for all the other kids so they don't get a shoe in the face or stepped on, boy did I get a look from her. Oh well, I guess she was looking for me to tell her it was OK and I do not think that it was, after all I was in the middle of a photo shoot and my boy had no shoes on and neither did one other kid besides her 2.

We had an appointment for our pictures for 2 1/2 weeks now and I didn't want to cancel again. Logan had no fever and seemed to fine this morning. I did once already because of his awful hair cut and crashing his head into the wall. Today he was excited because they had real bunnies and he wanted to take a picture with them, we even practiced poses this morning. Of course as soon as we started to walk back into the booth he did not want to do it and even cried. After much provoking and getting him to calm down he took a few and he was done so our photographer let us go to the play area for a few and we started over after her next client. My little stinker was all set to go, we got a few good shots and then he was doing every thing he could to not smile, he even started making funny faces and sticking his tung out when he was going to smile, then he went into the big fake cheesy smile. Needless to say we only got 2 really good ones, a close up and one with a number 3, none with the bunny turned out or the couple we took with the train, they were all fake cheesy smiles, at least we got 2 good ones : ) I will post them as soon as we get them back.

Logan and I went bowling last Sunday with my friend Debra and her son Alec, Logan's friend as he puts it. The boys have a lot of fun together and they both picked up on bowling right away, it was the first time for both of them. I think they both bowled about 65 so not bad at all. I am sure they gut's were glad when we left so they didn't have to go get anymore balls, sometimes they just didn't throw them hard enough to make it to the pins.

This Saturday we are suppose to go on an Easter Egg hunt with Debra and Alec and Jean and her Daughter Analiese (Analiese is adopted from Russia also, home 1 year and is almost 3), the only problem is we just got about 6 inches of snow and are expecting another round Friday into Saturday so we may be hunting eggs while it is snowing, fun times! Last year we went with Deb and Alec to a local nursery and they had it inside because of the weather, the kids had fun finding the eggs in the plants and flowers and it was warm. It is going to be a lot different this year but Logan loves the snow so he won't care.