Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Logan's Referral Pics

I have never posted Logan's referral pics on here, not sure why? Any ways, I uploaded all the pics from our 2 trips to Russia to start making a photo book from Snapfish or Shutterfly whoever I can get the best with. Any ways, I came across these and I wanted to share them. I think these photo's where taken in May 06 so Logan would have been just 14 months. These are the youngest pics we have of him. I thought at one point I found him on the Kemerovo database but some info was missing so I wasn't sure. I REALLY believe it was and so do a few of my friends and family but Jeff did not think so. I unfortunately lost those pics when my computer crashed :0( I have all of our pictures in a photo album and on disc but these story books are so wonderful I just have to have one. I can't wait to start making one every year.

Any ways, here is my little cutie. Boy has the life in his eyes changed. We got these the first of June and traveled July 4th 06 to go and meet him. He had changed a lot from these pics to when we arrived a few months later. I remember his hair was a lot thicker but he was just as tiny.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Fun!

We went away for a night to Frankenmuth. We had a great time and my boy is just a fish. He loves the water and would have stayed in all day I think. Logan also got his first hole in one Putt Putting. I find that funny because he is not very good at it :0)

We also celebrated Logan's 4th b-day with some friends and family over the weekend. Fun was had by all. One of the kids, the oldest who is 6 said as he was leaving that it was the best b-day party he has ever been to :0) that made me feel good as a lot of time and effort was put into it. I served the 6 kids that game mini corn dogs and FFries along with some fresh fruit. They all loved it and us adults got to have a sub platter along with a few different types of salads, meatballs and fresh fruit. The cake tasted great but I was not happy with its appearance but Logan loved.

Logan got some great gifts and some money to save. Some of the things he got were a new bike, a Leapster 2, Lego's, some Wallie stuff, a hot wheels track and a few games. I think his favorite was the Pixo's. We have used just about all of them so we took 20 bucks of his money and ordered this awesome set online. It's by far the best deal for your money. It's funny I told him he had to use his own money to get it and he was all for it:0) I would normally just get it for him but we spent enough on everything else and he got plenty. I am also trying to teach him the value of a dollar. Any ways, we all had a good time and most importantly Logan had a blast.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Logan

Daddy draws Buzz Lightyear

Happy 4th Birthday Logan! It is such an honor and privilege to be your Mommy not to mention the most rewarding thing I have have ever done. You are so funny, smart, bright and yes you are a little stinker some times :0) I love watching you discover new first in your life, your expressions are priceless. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I know how happy you are to be turning 4 your such a big boy.

I love you baby,
Love, Mommy and Daddy too!

P.S. Thanks for helping clean for your party tomorrow, your the BEST helper! I want to note that you vacuumed the house so remember that when your doing your chores when your older that you use to like to help clean, LOL!