Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4 Year well visit

Logan had is 4 yr check-up and his Dr. was just amazed how big he is. She showed us his map on her computer of his growth chart since coming home in Sept 06. We could not believe it way down at the bottom, barely on it to now almost off it. She said she never thought he would ever grow this much. I really chalk a lot of it to putting him back on formula for the first 6 months home. He went from 3% for height and weight to 90% now. He is 42.3 lbs and 42 3/4 inches, WOW! His Dr was also impressed that he can hopscotch, he is rather good at it. I thought it was good also I know the little girl who's a month older than L cannot switch her jump up yet to hopscotch.

Logan also got 2 shots, she wanted to do 3 but we decided to skip the booster of the MMR for now. He did get a high fever for a day and half from the vaccines and she also told us he had an ear infection in his right ear. He did well on his eye exam but not so well on the hearing on the right so after he finishes his antibiotic for his ear infection we'll take him back to be rechecked. I am sure he doesn't have a hearing problem but you never know. Logan really was against the shots and totally tightened up his leg so he was really sore for a few day's and boy did he milk it. I tried to video him and his MAJOR limp but ever time I tried it made him upset and he would just sit down.

The picture I posted the other day with the HUGE sunglasses is what he pulled out of the treasure box at the Dr's. Logan's Nanny and Papa took Logan to the Zoo after the Dr's and he wore those things all through the Zoo and then later when he got home and we went to the store. He is so funny :0) He got pushed all around the zoo and didn't walk so that made his leg hurt even more I'm sure. Any ways he is back to his normal hopping self and the leg his all better.

We have had a lot of Easter fun going on so as soon as I can I'll get it all together and post some pics.