Saturday, March 25, 2006

Still Waiting

Well there is not much to post, I know for sure our documents are where they need to be. I pray they will match us with a baby soon. I guess there are babies becoming available in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully they will match us with one of them. We asked for a boy or girl under 15 months.

We are ready to leave ASAP and can't wait. Still no news about our INS approval but I think in the next couple of weeks, I can't understand how and why it would take so long we are already in there system from last time.

I do feel so good about our decision to change agencies, the support group they have in place is wonderful. It is nice to be able to post on a private forum to chat with others in the same boat with the same agency.

Well hopefully soon we will tell our friends and family (besides the few that know). Jeff and I thought after last time that it would just be easier to not get everyone involved until it we are ready to go. I know our parents are going to be nervous about us leaving the country because of being harassed by the police in Kazakhstan, that was sooooooo scary.

Any ways, I hope to have great news soon, I cannot wait to go meet our son or daughter.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Rush to Wait

Well it has been a week since we signed up with our agency. We ran around getting everything together to be sent to Russia for the wait for a referral. I have no idea when a referral will come in, it could be 2 weeks or 2 months (I pray for 2 weeks). I know from last time around the waiting makes me very impatient. I think I have been doing OK, it has only been a week but it feels a lot longer than that.

In Russia a baby/child must stay on an in country registry for 9 months before they can be adopted internationally, in hopes that a Russian family will adopt them. It is very uncommon for a Russian couple to adopt a child that is not blood related.

I have been doing a lot of research on the Region that our paper work has been sent to and it seems like there will be a lot for us to do. We will not be there very long, the first trip will be 5-7 days and our 2nd 7-10. It is in a mountain region so I am sure it will be beautiful. I know I am not giving out much info on our region or agency but I am scared that our old agency will get to much info and try to sabotage our adoption, that man is evil and I have been told stories about him doing this. I do not know if they are true but after what he did to us it would not surprise me.

Any ways, I hope to be able to post info on a referral soon. My horoscope said I need my passport ready I would be traveling for work, love or both, very strange. I will not be able to post pictures until after our court date, The Russian government does not want their children displayed on the internet. Well enough for now and hopefully we will get our approval from the US government in the next couple of weeks, I have all our paperwork we need for court besides our medical, I will wait to do that until right before we leave because they are only good for 3 months and I wouldn't want to redo them. I pray I can post soon that we have accepted a referral and that we are leaving soon.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Finger Prints

We went for our finger-prints on Weds. March 1st, that was a big step forward. We have also decided to make the switch to another agency. I feel like I finally have some clarity of what is going to happen. The first agency we picked is great but with what is going on in Russia with the post placement reports and the child abuse cases its scary, they are just not sure what is going on . Things have slowed way down for them and with the other agency things have not. I have a great feeling about the switch,(God, please prove me right).

I am very excited and from the way it sounds things are going to move along pretty fast, we are basically "paper ready". I am driving to Detroit on Monday morning to get all of our documents apostilled and I will UPS next day air them that afternoon so our agency should have them on Tuesday. I do believe they should be in Russia the week of March 6th. I am being told that once I submit our dossier we should get a referral within a couple of weeks, I am hoping we will travel by the end of April. Hopefully we will get our I-171H by the first week of April. I know not to get to excited about anything with IA until it is done, you just never know dealing with a foreign country.

It's going to be an exciting couple of months.