Friday, May 30, 2008

Logan Update!

Logan is such a funny kid, he has such a great sense of humor. He says the funniest things to me and I really need to start keeping track of them on here. We had to cut some cement out around the pool and Jeff took some and made a stepping stone for Logan's hand and when I wrote his name in it he said "can't you put little stinker" he-he he is so funny. I guess we need to stop calling him that. Hard to do, we have been calling him that since Moscow. He is doing so good with his ABC's, he knows all but 3 letter's and can usually count to about 12 by himself and of course all of his colors. We work on these things a couple times a week so not all the time but enough I think. He knows his full name and Vladimir is not an easy one :) He can say hi in Mandarin, Spanish and Russian (that's all I know) we are working on good-bye and thank you in Russian also. He knows our names and the street we live on. He knows all of his shapes so we are starting to work on the harder ones now. My mom walked in last week and she got new glasses, Logan noticed right away and even said nanny there rectangles.

He is still growing like a weed, I think the last couple of weeks he has sprouted up a bit but I haven't checked his height since we went for his 3 yr well visit. His pronunciation and vocabulary amazes me. He has just really started to like movies I think his favorite is Toy Story either one it doesn't make a difference. He is incredible on the computer. I have been thinking about getting him in preschool in the fall but I am so up in the air about it. I have until Monday morning at 9:00 am to make up my mind or his spot is gone, eerrrr, what to do. I think socially he will benefit and taking direction from another adult besides close family is a positive but I am just not sure. I don't want him to get into kindergarten and be bored, plus we do a lot of Mommy and Me things together and I don't want to give that stuff up, what to do, what to do?

We had a play date a couple of weeks ago and the little boy was pretty mean to Logan and scared him pretty bad and my little guy has been a meanie since. I am just not sure what that is all about maybe he is mad at me because he doesn't feel like I protected him I am not sure but man he is being a little stinker to me. He has really started to bond with Jeff lately so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. He always wants me to help him no one else and he actually told me the other day that he wanted Jeff to help him, I almost fell over. Why it broke my heart, I also JUMPED for joy :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Mud Pie's!

Would anyone like some? Logan spent the morning playing with the hose in his sand box, he told me he was making lots and lots of Mud Pies :)

Thank you to all the soldiers who have fought for our freedom, past and present, you are PRICELESS.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Adoption Ark Picnic

This past weekend we drove to Chicago for a picnic that our adoption agency put on for all the families that have completed an adoption with them. I LOVE Adoption Ark. I am so glad that we decided to go, it was Jeff's idea. I didn't think he would want to go but when I told about it he said he said "let's go". I am always up for a good surprise : )

We got to meet Elina, she was our coordinator at first until she went to Russia to keep up their good standing with the Russian Officials. They make that trip once a year, AA really is great, if you are thinking of adopting check them out. Elina got to meet Logan when he was in the baby-house, she held him and played with him, she sent us our referral of Logan from Russia. I got a little teary eyed when I gave her a hug, of course L thought she was pretty and flirted a bit like he always does with pretty women.

Logan HATED the clown, he said it scared him. I felt bad for him he just wanted to stay outside away from the clown. They had the picnic at a horse farm that also has a petting zoo and a building for parties. They had food, drinks, music, a moonwalk and a hay ride. Every kid got a bucket filled with goodies. We really had a great time and will definitely be going again next year. We hope Kim, Lance and Jackson can make it nest year (hint, hint Kim :) )

I made sure the hotel we stayed at had an indoor pool, Logan and Jeff swam every day including before we left Sunday, check out was not until 12:00. We stayed at Spring Hill Suites by Marriott. That was the longest L has been in a car at one time, he did great. On the way there we stopped at a park for lunch and had a picnic and let him play a while. He never took his nap he stayed awake the whole ride, he was so excited. He did fall a sleep on the way home for about and hour and half so it may the ride a lot faster, we only stopped 3 time's briefly and were on our way :)

Pictures soon, I wanted to update but no time to upload my pics.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of you Mom's and Mom's-to-be have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Please Stop the Whining

Man he sure is cute but his whining lately is driving me bonkers :-[

Everyone I know with kids that are 5-6 say that 3 was the most difficult age. I totally understand what they are talking about now. I think he is feeling like he still wants to be a baby but he also wants to be a big boy. I'm not sure but his whine is making me nutty. I have done it all, "Logan stop whining and talk to mommy I can't understand you" If you don't stop whining your going to time out" " I know you don't feel good when you whine/cry like that and neither do I" "Logan, tell mommy what you're upset about" I have even did a few holding times but nothing is working. EEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!He is also testing me, this I know is him just growing up, my gosh my baby is 3!

You should see my kiddo on his bike, it is so funny that he wouldn't pedal last year and now he is tying to ride no handed, he stands up and pedals and he also bounces on it as if he is trying to do a wheelie. Wouldn't that be something a wheelie with training wheels, LOL! Jeff and I have talked about taking his training wheels off and seeing how he does. Is he to young? I have read on some blogs that their kiddo's did around 3-3 1/2. I always thought around 5 and that's what seems to be the "norm" in my neighborhood. OK all you lurkers out there leave me a comment on this one, I want your feedback.

Logan had his 3 year well visit and he definitely did all the catching up that was needed. 97% for weight and she said 78 for height but he was sunk down and twisted trying to see what the heck was on his head so I do not think she got his correct height. I measured him twice at home and he was about 1/2 inch taller here 39 3/4. He answered all Dr. Burton's questions, first and last name, age, boy/girl, etc. and she could understand him clearly. One thing that is so unbelievable to me is how well he pronounces his words. He has problems with S's (very common) but other than that for only talking not even a year yet he talks really well. It was the end of July last year that his speech just exploded.

He is a lot of fun right now also, just watching him explore and study things is so much fun. He is not a sports kid, I think he is more of a cub scout kinda kid. He need to know how everything works, take it apart put it back together, It is something watching him turn into this amazing little person.

Here is something funny. Jeff, I think I forgot to tell you this. The other day we had to call my mom so I let Logan dial the number. He puts the phone up to his ear and I hear him say something which I think is Sheryl B----- please so I asked him what he said and he says "Sheryl B------, please" I laughed so hard and then he says to me what that's her name. I just laughed and said your right. I call my mom at work most of the time because that seems to be where she is always at. How great is that that he picked up on that just from listening, I am still chuckling about that one.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

In Total Shock

I got a call the other day to tell me that Laura Cleves was killed by a drunk driver the other night. Laura Cleves was the chief investigator on our criminal case against Orson Mozes/AIP in Santa Barbara, CA. Just from our emails and phone conversations over the past 2 1/2 years I could tell she was an amazing person. Laura was the only one with any authority that listen to me and had compassion about what happened to us. I am afraid if it weren't for her hard work and dedication that Orson would still be in business.

I am in total shock. It looks as if the police responded to a call of a suspicious drunk driver stopped on the road. When they walked to the car the driver took off crossed the double yellow lines into on coming traffic striking Laura's car head on. This girl was only 22, now instead of facing a DUI this girl will spend many years in jail for killing someone. She took someone else's life because of a stupid decision and now she will pay with hers. I am just floored and cannot for the life of me understand how someone could be soooooo stupid. Laura will be missed dearly by all our families in this case, she touched many of our lives with her dedication to helping victims. My heart goes out to her family and friends and may you rest in peace Laura.