Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Few Other Things!

Logan has almost stopped napping. Since Florida he has only napped maybe 3 times, I have still been putting him down but he is not falling asleep and after about 45 minutes he'll start calling for me. I knew this day was coming but I was hoping for later :0) He is doing pretty well with this transition. He is getting about an hour of down time so I think that is what is getting him through the day. I have also rolled back bedtime about an hour and he is sleeping a bit later. If he does nap he lays awake in his bed until almost 10:00 and I don't want that. So for now I will continue to take him up for a nap and if he don't fall asleep that is OK at least he is resting.

I also jinxed my poor little guy talking about him not peeing at night. While in FL he had a few accidents and then right after coming home. He is now wearing a Pull-up at night but has been dry every night but one. I swear I talk about his progress in an area and we have a set back. So we continue with PU's for now and hopefully by the end of the package we are free of them again. I knew he would have a hard time at night, He sleeps so sound it doesn't even wake him up sometimes. I wish I could sleep that deep :0)

Logan is also so fun to talk to. The conversations that we have and the BIG words that he uses crack me up and always in the appropriate way. I was also told by the Security lady in the airport how polite he was. One guy took our boarding passes and Logan looks at him a few seconds later and says "excuse me, can I have those back please" It was so funny. They were all like he's so polite and good training mom, I was so proud of him.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hey There, We're Still Here

I cannot believe I've been MIA for so long. We were actually in Florida for 5 days, Nov. 13-18. My friend Tania and I took the kids down while the guys hunted. We stayed at my Dads place, got really cheap flights and a great deal on a car that we split so it was a pretty inexpensive vacation. Until you add in Sea World. Wow is it expensive to get in there although you can save 20% if you have a Southwest Airlines reward card that is free to sing up for.

I got sick for the first few day's down there. I struggle with my balance sometimes and I think the flight just kicked my equilibrium's butt. I tried to make the most of it but it was hard the first 2 days. I was getting dizzy off and on for 2 days straight. I made myself do stuff and so did Tania, LOL! But enough of that we had a good time all around and I think the kids did to.

Julia is only 19 months and Logan is 3 1/2 so we weren't ready for Disney yet but we did go to Sea World and it was WONDERFUL. I've been there before a few times and each time I go I love it more, we all LOVED it. They have the most amazing play area for the younger kids (under 12 but over 4). This thing was just a giant climbing fort made of tubes and nets and I am talking GIGANTIC. I wish I would have got a picture of it. It was a little to big for L so we opted for the sand area for the little ones. They were both totally happy playing in there. They had a really cool Pirate Ship that we all climbed. We saw the Shamoo show, that was great. Logan actually reached in and stroked a Stingray. I didn't think he would do it but after watching me a few times he wanted to do it and he LOVED it. He'll tell you that it felt like snot :0) Tania got a great shot of it.

We also went to Cypress Gardens. It was the last day before they closed for renovations. I'm glad we went tickets were only 10 dollars each and it was just big enough for the younger kids.

We actually missed part of it to get back for a nap and the little stinkers didn't end up sleeping anyways. Long story short they started talking (screaming) through the walls to each other. Tania and I were cracking up. we decided to get them up and go to Downtown Disney hoping they would fall asleep on the drive. They both did so we drove around a little extra to let them sleep a bit, stinkers :0)

Downtown Disney is a lot of fun. It wasn't that busy being off season so it was nice being that our kiddo's are on the young side. We ate at the Rain Forest Cafe, expensive, but good food, huge portions and great atmosphere. We have such a great picture that our waiter took, but Logan decided he was not going to be in the picture and hid. It's funny you would never know he was with us, you can't see him at all, LOL!

How handsome is my little guy :0)

Jeff's actually been on vaca for 2 weeks and just went back this past week and now he's off today but will have to go in on Friday for a few hours. He really needed the break. This next month is going to kick his butt at work and he will be putting in some very long hours.

I ended up getting a cold about 4 days ago. It is just the common cold, runny nose, sneezing and scratchy throat. I pushed it a little the other day. I wasn't feeling very well and I plugged in our Christmas lights outside (only because my neighbors did, normally I would wait until Thanksgiving night but Logan begged) and half of them didn't work. I was so mad, I spent a lot of time fixing them and making sure they all worked before I put them on, before we left for Fl when it was still in the high 50's. I ended up having to take 4 strands off of 3 different tree's, only to hang one again to have it go out 2 seconds later. So off we went to the store so I could finish, I had to buy 2 more strands, EERRRR I told Logan he better enjoy the tree's having lights because next year we are only having light up yard stuff :0) It didn't help my cold that I was doing all of this on a damp day. I just wanted it done.

Yesterday I laid around all day, I didn't do much at all besides make dinner. Today was a different story, I am still not great but getting better. I had things that I had to do. I went to the Chiropractor and Target, came home and baked. I made a Pumpkin pie, Rice Krispy treats and Chocolate Chip cookies to take to my Aunt's for Thanksgiving. Now here it is 12:30 and I am spent. My nose is starting to burn and I am going to take some medicine and go to bed. Have a great night!

Happy Turkey day to you all

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things are good around here but I have had no inspiration to write on my blog lately. I hope it comes back soon. So for now I leave you with a quick update.

We have just been on the go, a couple different Halloween things, a couple trips to the Zoo and hanging with fiends. L is so funny now he is saying to everyone "you know what's coming? Thanksgiving" So cute! Logan was sick for a few days but bounced back quick. He has done a great job of staying dry at night, only 2 light morning accidents in about 6 weeks I think :0) I'm so proud of him in so many ways.