Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Warm Weather, AAAHHHHHH!

We have been a little busy around here as it has been getting warmer. Logan LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it outside, Jeff and I do also so that is great. We have been going for a walk either after breakfast or dinner and somewhere in between we are outside playing. I have actually got out in the yard a few times and did some work, with and with-out Logan. That is one of my favorite things to do and I have been slacking on it so far, there is just no time as I am sure all of you know. Working in my yard is so therapeutic for me and I could really use some clarity and relaxation :)

We went to the Zoo again this past Sunday, the first time we went we looked at most of the animals and did not do all of the Zoo so this time we did the Butterfly house, Reptile house and then the Penguins and the playground. We sat down for a picnic and we got out of there by Noon, great timing. I cannot believe how busy it was on our way out, we thought it would be but I am telling you it was CRAZY!

Today we went and seen baby Julia, Logan really liked her and even held her with a little help :) it was so cute (Tania please send me the pictures:)I have still been giving Logan a bottle at bed time and I am really hating taking it away but I knew going and seeing Julia would be a good way for Logan to ditch his "BA-BA" and give it to the baby. We took 2 of the 3 (just in case) to the baby and he was excited about it. Bed time came and he surly did ask for it, I just warmed up some milk and put it in a special sippy cup and he took a sip and said MMMMMM. I then reminded him that he gave his bottles to the baby and he would shake his head yes. He asked for it a lot but I just kept telling him that he gave them to the baby, he was a little upset but nothing major and had no problem settling down and falling to sleep. Could it really be that easy, I guess maybe he is just ready to let that go. It's sad that is the last baby thing about him, he is such a little man now.

It was a rainy day today and it looks like we will be trapped inside for the next few days because of it, I guess it is spring. We did go for a short walk today after Logan's nap so hopefully we will be able to do the same tomorrow :) The fresh air is so nice.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Congratulations and Swimming!

First I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Tania & Scott they welcomed their first baby into the world yesterday, they named her Julia and she is a little cutie. I love you guys.

We start swimming classes on Saturday, my neighbor and her son are going and my friend Renee and her son are going also so we should have a great time. I really was not sure how Logan was going to like the water, when we first picked him up he HATED the water. He screamed bloody murder we tried the tub, a shower and even the sink, after a few weeks he started to LOVE his bath now his bath is almost an hour long.
Yesterday Jennifer and I took our boy's to the pool and Logan LOVED it. He wanted to go down this 2 story water slide but I could not go with him so he had to stay on the little slide. I cannot even begin to express how much he liked the pool, all day I kept telling him we were going in a giant bath tub to swim. He flips on his stomach in the tub and kicks his legs and does something that looks like a doggie paddle, really cute. Any ways, he had a great time and of course any time his adorable little face lights up the way it did last night Mommy always feels great.

I am going to take my camera to class on Saturday so I can post some pics in the water. Both Jennifer and I forgot our camera's last night.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Getting back on track

A few post ago I talked about how Logan was having a hard time. Well with much encouragement from Kim (Thank You) I got through holding time. It was probably the longest 45 minutes of both of our lives (mine & L's) but what has followed is LOVE, amazing. So we have been doing holding time for about the last 3 weeks and what a difference it has made in just such a short time. The affection that L has started showing is sooooooo great, he actually called for me from his crib for the first time EVER 2 days ago, YAHOO!!!!!! I am now known as BA (MA) finally after 6 1/2 months I am not just an aahhhhh :)

There have been a few times in the last week that Logan has just wanted me to hold him and lay in my lap for some snuggling and singing, poor baby he must really love me to want me to sing to him I'm AWFUL! This has just started since doing our holding times, I think he is finally letting go of his fears and he may be ready to love, I am so happy for him. He still has his moments when he really just does not want to make eye contact w/me so we are really working on that. Slowly but surly we are getting there.

He has come such a long way in 6 months, I am so proud of him, he has been trying to master a jump for months now well as of yesterday he finally got off the ground, twice, WOOHOO! The first time was really good and he landed on his feet, the second one he landed on his butt and laughed away. Much applause and kisses followed these new skills, YOU GO LOGAN. He is holding steady at 30 pounds but his height has just shot up again in the last couple of weeks, he is now 34 and 3/4 inches that's 5 inches since coming home, WOW.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter

I just wanted to share a few pics coloring eggs. My friend Debra and I took the boy's on an Easter egg hunt today so I am sharing some of those also. I think they both had a lot of fun. Logan was all over the egg's, I showed him the first one and he found all the rest on his own. He was doing better than the older kid's, I think he found about 25, his bucket was full, I actually dumped some of them out into one of the worker's bucket's. The other day I hid about 10 eggs around the house and he found them all really fast so I had a feeling he would do good. We turned them in at the end for a bag of candy that Jeff and I will enjoy :)

They had the Easter bunny there also but Logan wanted nothing to do with him up close, so we took a picture together, not the greatest because Logan had the death grip on me but at least we got one. It was supposed to be outside but because of our awful snow and 30 degree's here they moved it inside. I wish I had known that because I bundled Logan up, I am so glad I packed is tennis shoes and a different pair of pants. Not only did they have the Easter bunny, the kids got to plant a flower to bring home and color a picture, it was a really nice morning.

We hope you have a Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Few Great Pics!

We took Logan for his 2 yr pictures, how ADORABLE is he. He looks like such a little man, the baby is all gone besides inside. I am a very indecisive person, Jeff said it took me longer to pick out the pictures than it did to take them.

I am adding a few other pics just because he is so darn cute :) The first one is his sand & water table that we turned into a bean table for the winter. Logan loves it, it really is relaxing I can sit there with him for a long time. The second one is the same day, he took a break from playing and just gazed out the window. I played with it a little w/my software and I think it looks pretty cool, what do you think?

Playing w/my Bean Table

A Rainy Day!