Thursday, April 13, 2006

Round 2 of Our Lovely Government

Well I got another letter from our Government requesting more information that they already have but want the documents certified, just something else to add to the cost because it is not expensive enough to adopt. I asked them on the phone last week before I drove down there and put the other stuff in their hands if they were sure that I did not need anything else and they assured me I did not. I was just about to explode when I opened the letter thinking it was our approval once again (exactly 1 week later) and it was a request for the same info that they just told me a week ago that I did not need. I had a feeling it wasn't our approval, it's a good thing Jeff was sleeping or I would have screamed at the top of my lungs. I was told that the lady handling our case changed her mind, isn't that nice. I spent the whole morning going to different place and getting these documents certified and driving down to Detroit to once again hand delivery them. I thought the office of Homeland Security would be closed tomorrow but it is not but no one from the Orphan unit will be in, sounds like it's closed to me, so our documents will sit there until Monday but at least I know they are sitting on her desk waiting for her.

Any ways, I hope next time I post it will be good news, we have not heard anything yet but our agency assures me by the end of April, we'll see. It seems like for-ever but it really has only been 3 weeks since our documents have been over-seas and a little over a month since we signed with our agency. I guess Jeff is correct and I am impatient.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Our lovely Government

Well I was so excited when I checked the mail yesterday to see a letter from the Office of Homeland Security, I opened it up to find a letter from them asking us for more documents not our I-171H that I thought it was. I was expecting it any day and now we hit a little bump in the road. It is nice not working days I was able to take care of it right away and Jeff and I hand delivered them a certified copy of my divorce decree, I sent a photo-copy but I guess that was not good enough even though that is what they asked for, all of our other documents had been photo-copies not original. I think it is just another way for them to have a power-trip orphan unit was transferred to Detroit and it seems like everything goes so much slower down there than in the rest of the state. The letter was so vague that I along with 2 others that read it got confused by what they were asking for but thankfully I was able to get a call in first thing this morning and they only need 1 thing not 5 like it said. So Jeff and I flattened that bump quickly.

Any ways, no other news yet, I spoke with our agency at the beginning of the week about a referral and they said maybe next week if not by the end of April for sure. I hope so it has been a month since they have had our documents but they have only been over seas for about 2 weeks. They told me about a month, lets see how much longer it takes, I really am trying to be patience but trying to be a Mom for 4 years is getting old. I hope I get to post good news soon.