Friday, June 29, 2007

Wow, I cannot believe we have been home 9 months today, crazy! Everyday brings something new and L does something that is totally amazing. Everyday I think I couldn't love him anymore than I do and I wake up and my heart has expanded even more:)

We took a trip up to our cottage for the first time this summer w/L and we had a great time. We even stumbled upon a Fawn (see pics) I am glad we didn't scare it, man I got close. Logan loved walking through the woods, he didn't want to hold our hands, he needed to be a big boy and balance, it was so cute.

I posted some pics in a new way for me but I think I like it, what do you think? They are from our trip to our place and some other random photo's. Logan loves to have me hold the camera and take pictures of us together and he really is into smiling for the camera right now.

Cool Slideshows!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I just heard this and I LOVED it so I wanted to share.
"Before you become a Mom you are the picture, when you become a Mom you are the frame"


I love you Daddy, Thanks for all you do!

Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 1, 2007

We Are Still Here :)

Like I said we are just busy, it seems like I barley have enough time to keep my house clean. We have been on the run for the last week and a half. Jeff was on vaca last week, poor guy all he did was work and I mean really work hard for about 9 hrs a day for 5 days, he busted his put lifting all of our pavers around the pool and leveling them all , removing flower boxes and then putting one back and taking the other one away. It looks great, nice job Jar! I helped as much as I could but with L I really was limited as to what I could do that was safe for him to be around.

We went and seen Jeff's cousin and his girlfriend for dinner. Ricky & Jane gave L some really cool gifts, he plays with the truck everyday, Thank you, it was great to see you! We have had 2 different birthday parties and had company over also, not to mention playing in our own yard, going for walks and playing with the neighbor kids, WAY TO MUCH FOR MY LITTLE MAN in 10 days.

We opened the pool and today was L's first time in. We have swimming class and have been to the rec center but it's not like your own pool. He was not scared at all, I am not sure I like that, we'll see.

L is doing GREAT, he is definitely attaching but we still have some of our PI issues. There are 2 other blogs that I read that they were just talking about the same thing, is it just the TERRIBLE TWO's or PI issues? Kim brought it up the other day and she got me thinking :)
I believe most of L's moods are TT's but he definitely has some PI issue's like self regulating, bringing himself back to a comfort zone, it usually takes him about a week to get back to himself if he gets way overstimulated and we both pay. Being on the go this past week has not helped that and we have been having some issues. I have been just dealing with it with lots of extra love (as if we could give him anymore :)

Throwing fits, testing boundaries and things like that are the age and just figuring the world out. Oh and lets not forget that famous word "MINE" that can drive you nuts. It's funny L has really just started using it, I don't say it, I try and say that's Mommy's but when you play with other kids the thing's they will learn :) He's a pretty good sharer for his age and he's a good turn taker. He usually lets the other kids take his toy's but lately he has started to not let them and I am glad he is sticking up for himself.

Some of his sleep issues are from his orphanage days but he is a pretty good sleeper and has been since day one. We have had our share of sleepless nights, we just deal with them but very rarely now. Mostly it's he doesn't want me to leave and this happens on a regular bases every couple of months. It takes about a week and then he will be fine for months. I think that's a PI issue, L definitely wonders sometimes if I am coming back I can see the look in his face, poor baby, I can't wait until he totally gets :) :) :) :)

L's new recliner

playing in the sprinkler

AAHHHHH the pool