Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

A good time was had by all. Thanks Mom & Dave for passing candy out for us. My Aunt Penny stopped by also to check out Logan as a Cowboy. I want to know where the heck were all the kids? We usually have a lot, this year not so many, my butt is not liking the 4 extra bags that we have.

We walked around with our neighbors, their son is a year older than Logan. They had a great time together.

Monday, October 29, 2007

1st Time Carving Pumpkins : ) FUN FUN FUN

Logan was excited to get started on carving his pumpkin. My friend Debra gave him a carving kit, L picked out the dinosaur and we got to it. We had a great time, He is so fun. I can't keep track of how many words he says now, we pretty much can have a conversation. L is totally hands on, he likes to try and do everything. He was OK until I had him stick his arm in the pumpkin, he got pretty grossed out and had to go wash his hands, LOL! He got bored pretty quickly, he would wonder off and then he would come back and help some more.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Little Cowboy!

I love Halloween and I have really been pumping Logan up for it. We bought a Dora Halloween book and have borrowed a few from the library. Today was our first "Trick or Treating" and L did GREAT! He loved it and it only took one second and he had it all figured out. It was raining a bit but we still had a wonderful time. Logan was a Cowboy who didn't want to keep his hat on even though it was raining and Alec was Buzz
Light- Year. Last year we were only home a month so we played it low key and just went to my Mom's for a bit.

My friend Debra and I took our boy's to a Halloween Jamboree put on by my township, it was nice, they also had cider and donuts and then the kids got to pick out a pumpkin. I think the boys had a great time and I look forward to doing more things like this. We did the Egg Hunt this past Easter and he loved that also. I am hoping to do the Santa and Caroling at the township hall for Christmas also.

I am really looking forward to taking him out for "Trick or Treating" we are only going to take him to a few houses but it should be a lot of fun especially since he knows what it is all about now.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

He's Back, YAHOO!!!!!!

My sweet, fun loving little guy is back, man it was a long 3 weeks. Things have been back to normal or even a little better for about 5 days now, THANK GOD! I haven't wanted to say anything in fear I would jinx us but I feel safe now. What ever issues little man was having have finally faded. I felt so bad for L he was having issues of course only with Mommy not Daddy, lucky me :~) He was sad, not smiling or having fun with anything, he didn't want to go any where maybe outside here or there but not really even that. Eye contact with me was lost and his affection to me seemed forced not wanted or needed.

He is making great eye contact again, loving on me, wanting me to help him with things and even holding my hand again on his own. The only thing I still see is he just wants to be at home, maybe he is having fears that he is not coming back, who knows. I hate that he takes these steps back but it is all part of the process for him. He is definitely attaching, I will not say we are there a hundred percent yet maybe more like 90 but everyday we work on it just by doing everyday things like snuggling, holding hands and playing. Over a year later we still have our struggles.

He definitely knows I am his Mommy, he checks in with me while we are at parties or someones house. He hugs and kisses me on his own and he wants me when he gets hurt. These are all things that took MANY MANY MONTHS to achieve. The strides he has made over the last year are wonderful and I am sure he will be able to have healthy, loving relationships when he's older.

My friend Tania and her daughter Julia came over last night, Logan loves them. He was so cute he asked for his Nanny and Papa to come over and I told him they were still on vaca so he then proceeded to say "Tania, baby come mines house". It was so cute, he is now asking for people to come over, (notice come to his house, a month ago it would have been to go). So I gave her a call and they came over, L was so happy, he wanted to hold her right away (see pics below). He is sooooo good with her, he has always from the first time we went over after she was born tried to help take care of her. She started crying and he had to find her pacifier and give it to her, he rubs her face and head, gives her toys and says SSHHHHH when she cries, what a nice boy.

Logan went today for a re-evaluation on his speech, I knew he would not qualify anymore. Since July his speech has exploded, he is starting to speak in 2 and 3 word sentences. I think he may be behind his peers just a little but nothing that requires services anymore. Congratulations Logan you are doing so well. So he is officially out of the system, it stinks really because the program in Michigan is great we are one of 8 states that have such great resources from birth to 3. If I feel like Logan needs to be re-evaluated before he is 3 we will go back there if not in March when he is 3 he will go into our local school system.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I have nothing much to say but I wanted to share a few pics. Look at the difference a year, some love and good nutrition can do! Logan is way to cute.

This pic was taken last October, I love the look on his face.

These next few were taken last night

Just a cutie

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October Already

Wow, it's been a while since my last post. It is getting cooler out and the leaves are falling, it is a beautiful time of the year, the colors are amazing. We picked our pumpkin's and L and I put all of our Halloween decorations out, I'll take a pic tomorrow, we look so festive:) We have been enjoying the days, Logan now likes to walk instead of riding in the stroller. I like it to it takes a while to go around the block but it is a lot of fun, he loves the fire hydrants.

Logan is doing pretty well but We definitely have been having some issues lately, he has been very clingy, whiny and he has been very bad (he is usually a pretty good boy). I KNOW he is TWO but it is definitely something more than that, my Mom even said the other day that maybe it was something to do with his baby-house days. I can tell the difference from when he just throws himself on the floor because I told him NO or when he is suffering from something he is feeling inside. Poor baby, I wish I could have been his Mommy from the day he took his first breath, I miss that for him.

I do not think that Logan is going to have life-long effects from his Orphanage days but we still struggle sometimes. He has come sooooooo far but there are times like now that he regresses for some reason or another and then he will make a leap in the right direction, COME ON LEAP! Looking back it was every couple of months we had something going on, there was definitely a pattern.

He has started going pee in his pants, something he has never done. He had only a few pp accidents, his thing was poop. L has not worn a diaper for over 2 months (besides at night) the last week has been crazy 2, 3, 5 times in a day, WHAT THE HECK?????????? Our bedtime is turning into a whiny, crying mess. There are a whole list of things but I think you get the point. I have been holding him more often the last few days and it seems to be helping. I pray everyday that he will not suffer any negative effects from his past and be able to have wonderful relationships when he gets older.

I have also cut out the TV. Don't get me wrong we do all kinds of things besides watch TV but he was becoming OBSESSED and that was all he was wanting to do. L only watches educational, age appropriate cartoons and it really does not bother me if he gets in maybe 2 hours a day, like an hour in the morning and then again in the evening but I do not want him sitting there all day. We have revamped our day today and it seemed to work. I am so glad that our play-group started back up and I love taking him to the library for story time.

My niece Amber had her first Formal dance "Homecoming" this past weekend, she looked so beautiful. She called and wanted L and I to come over for some pics so of course we did. Her and Logan look so much alike, it's pretty funny actually. Amber loves L and she drew this picture of him for art class this year. I think it is great!

L having Popcorn after his bath
Amber & Luke
Logan and his friend Alec