Saturday, September 22, 2007

Proud Parents for 1 year!

Where do I even begin, It was 1 year ago today that Jeff and I set out with Kim and Lance on that 3 hour crazy drive to go pick up our boys forever. I was so excited and so extremely nervous. I couldn’t wait to hold you and not have to watch you leave my arms again. I had longed to be your Mom from the moment I learned of you and now it was finally real.

When we got to the baby-house they told us that you had the Chicken Pox. I will never forget your spots. Poor baby, you also had 3 molars coming in, not to mention the feelings you must have been having. When we left the baby house you looked around for about 10 minutes, then looked up at me put your head down and fell asleep. Jackson did the same thing on Kim. It was so wonderful, you just curled up on me and slept, you looked so peaceful, you both slept most of the 3 hour drive back.

This past year we have had a lot of fun but we have also had our struggles. We have formed such a bond and all of our hard work is paying off. You are definitely 2 ½,
some days you are a little terror but most of the time you are a very good boy. You have grown like a weed, you were less than 19 pounds and 29 ¾ inches just a little guy, now you are 34.8 lbs and 37.5 inches tall, crazy almost 8 inches and 16 pounds!!!!!!!!

You are so smart. I love watching you play on your little laptop and picking the letters out. You know all of your body parts, you know your right and left (most of the time). Your great at “look & find” books, actually your love for books amazes me, you used to not like me reading to you at all, now you can’t get enough. You know most of your colors and you are starting to count with me more and more. I can’t keep up with what you are saying any more and I love it when you tell me things that you did. Of course I think you are a genious.

Logan, I had no idea that I could love you more as each day passes. You have blossomed into such an out-going, fun loving, handsome little jokester. I am so honored to be your Mommy and I am looking forward to watching you grow every day.

We spent the morning at the Cider Mill, they have a great thing set up for the kids. We all enjoyed ourselves and will definitely do it again. L did not want to go on a pony ride today but he enjoyed everything else.

Happy 1 year to Kim, Lance and Jackson also, we hope you have a great day.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Book Can Make Me Cry!

Last night L and I were looking at his "I Spy" book (he is so good at these), the last 4 pages in this book are just pictures of things. We always look at it I tell him what everything is, Dinosaur, sunglasses, crown, broom, etc etc, so last night he takes the book and starts to tell me what everything is. I was blown away, tears filled my eye's, I am so proud of you baby. I know that L knows what everything is but he has never told me. It was so COOOOOOOOL.

I never thought I would get all teary eyed from something like that. Logan has come so far in the past year, I look back and remember how inward he was and I am blown away by his progress. I cannot get over how much his speech has EXPLODED in just the past week.

Hi Allyson, thanks for the nice comment. I am so glad you are able to watch Logan blossom. I miss you and I hope your in town soon.

Here are some pics, Logan and I met my friend Brenda and her daughter Callie at the mall for lunch and to let the kids play. This is one of the best play areas I have seen in a mall, the kids LOVE it. I got some great pictures.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fall Has Arrived!

It went from 90 last week to highs being only in 60's low 70's. I am simply just not ready for fall or better yet winter, the thought of having to bundle up and being stuck inside most of the day is depressing. I LOVE SUMMER, I would rather be sweating to death than freezing any day. Logan is the same way, he likes it warm that could because it was smoking hot in that baby house. Yesterday we went for a walk and he wanted his jacket on and zipped up it was about 73.

Logan has grown so much over the summer, we had to buy him sandals twice and he is just about out of the second pair. All of a sudden the other day he no longer fits into his tennis shoes. I pulled out a pair of pants and a couple of long sleeve shirts and nothing fit. I have been watching for some sales because he needs a whole new wardrobe and he won't make it to Christmas. I have bought about 5 pairs of pants and 5 shirts enough for now because I pray we are still able to wear some shorts over the next month.

Any ways, we signed up for story time at our local library and a play group. So on Mondays we have story time and at the end of this month our play-group starts up on Wednesday. We had our first story time this past Monday, Logan loved it. The librarian Ms. Holly was great, she read about 3 books and we all sang songs, danced and then colored a picture. I thought L would love it because he LOVES books we read stories off and on all day and our bed time ritual always consist of 3 or 4 short stories. You may remember that he HATED me to read to him when he first came home but I did it any ways and about 2 months later he loved them.

I am excited about the play group last spring we did it and my friend Brenda and her daughter Callie joined us, I am hoping they are joining us again. Logan and Callie play pretty well together for a couple of 2 1/2 year olds. The kids had a good time, it is only an hour, they play, then she reads a book and the kids have a snack, they usually end it with some type of craft. It is good for the kids to get to interact and in my opinion it helps prepare them for school. We are thinking next year we will put L in Pre-school, he will be 3 1/2 and it is only 2 days a week for like 2 hours.

We went to this outdoor fair (kinda) over the weekend, they had a puppy tent and I can tell you that if it wasn't for Jeff L and I would have brought a puppy home :~) There were 2 that I just loved, oh well maybe in the next couple of years when L is old enough to help a little with it. Of course his favorite thing was the tractors, man put him on a tractor and he smiles from ear to ear.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Adoption Scams

OK, here is the story about the slime ball we used that screwed us over on our first attempt to adopt. I think they did a great job putting this together and I pray that the DA in Santa Babara can get him for fraud. We have been home over 2 years from the horror of Kazakhstan and this man is still messing people over. It just makes me sick that someone would use an innocent child and very vulnerable people to make a buck. Follow the link or copy and paste, it is about 6 minutes.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's Been A While

We have been really busy. We went to the Fair, A Sweet Sixteen party for my Sister and to the water park about 3 times, our local school to play and the Zoo all in the last weeks. I was just saying it seems like summer will be over in a few short weeks and I am trying to get in as much as I can. I need to slow down for all of us. He is doing really well coming down from his high and does not seem to be having many problems with over-stimulation lately.

Logan got to ride his first pony, he was not sure at first but decided he would go for it, his pony started to bop his head and make noise and after that he was all done. He got to see and touch all kinds of animals but his favorite thing to do was sit on the TRACTOR, he is all about machines right now. Can someone tell me why it cost $6 to ride a Ferris wheel, and $5 to ride a pony around a circle 10 times. We did have a great time at the fair.

I got a pass to a park and they have a splash zone, L loves it. They have a beach, the splash zone and a great play ground. Man, I cannot believe how mean kids are and even more so I cannot believe how little attention parents pay to their kids, if I didn't know any better I would swear some of them were on their own. I try and stay out of it and let the kids just play but when an older kid gets mean with the little ones it really bothers me and I have to tell them to be nice. I actually seen a little girl ask Logan to get off of the play set and when he ignored her she asked me to get him off. WHAT are you kidding me, I told her no there was enough room for all of them to play, WOW! Logan loves playing with any kid that will play with him.

His speech is exploding more and more every day and I know when we go for his re-evaluation sometime soon he is not going to qualify. He is definitely at that TERRIBLE TWO stage and testing us everyday. EVERYONE just keeps telling me wait until he's 3 it's worse, so I had a long talk with L and told him he couldn't do that or we were going to have a really long year, LOL. I am not one to give in to bad behavior or temper tantrums, if people want to stare at my cute little man screaming than let them :~) He does not really have to many TT but when he does he can be a stinker as they all can.

I got my Hair done today, THANK GOD. It was starting to look really bad. My color was faded and it was just way to long. My friend Paula does such a good job and she charges me almost nothing. It's always nice to see her, we used to be such good friends and now we don't see each other nearly as much as we should. Logan went for a cut today also, Jeff took him. He is OK with it but it is always something, the 1st time he was just scared all around and had no idea what was happening but sat in a chair by himself. The 2nd he had to sit in Jeff's lap, then it was my lap the last 2 times and now this time he wanted nothing to do with the cape. Jeff said he screamed and said no, so he sat in Jeff's lap with no cape and got his hair cut. Of course he had to come home and take a shower to get all the hair off him :)

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