Saturday, January 28, 2006

After going through a failed adoption in the summer of 2005 it took us a while to decide if we wanted to go down this road again. It has been very hard to put our trust in someone to help us complete our family. Our last agency, THE AGENCY FROM HELL, lied and manipulated us so much that it really put a bad taste in our mouths about International adoption and Domestic really scared us.

As we embark on this journey I cannot help but feel extreme excitement that with the help of our new agency we are going to find the children that are meant to be ours. We met with Dana on Wednesday January 25th to ask her questions and get our home-study updated. I have talked to Dana many times on the phone, Lisa did our home-study through Dana's agency. Jeff and I both felt so great when we left there, we talked about it and then we called her right away and said lets go for it. We actually both feel very well about our decision to go with Dana, we finally felt that we found the right person to help us complete our family. Dana updated our home-study told me what documents I needed and I got right to it.

I will post about once a week or if I hear something, in the meantime say prayers for us that everything will go well with our adoption and that the children that will become ours are being loved and well cared for.