Thursday, March 22, 2007

6 Month Gotcha Day!

Can it really be 6 months already but then again it feels like Logan has always been here. It is hard to remember what life was like before him.
The pictures speak for themselves, you've come a long way, baby!

Happy 6 months as a family to Kim, Lance and Jackson also!

Leaving the Baby-house

Our "Little Chicken Man"

On The Plane Leaving Russia

Got Milk!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Over Stimulation = TANTRUMS

I knew we would pay but at least he had fun while it was going on. So last week we had the time change and a loss of 1 hour of sleep came w/that. Not that big of a deal for an adult but for a 2 year old it is everything especially when they love sleep. That was on Sunday the 11th the same day as Logan's party. Monday we had school, Tuesday the Zoo. We took Weds off and then I had a little party for Logan w/friends at the mall on Thursday, WOW a busy week. Needless to say Logan was way over-stimulated, I totally expected it.

I had decided that we were going to lay low for the weekend until school on Monday. Well by Sunday he was back to himself, thank God! One more temper tantrum and I was going to kick and scream with him, LOL. We didn't make it to school this past Monday because the little cutie woke up sick on Monday morning. He had a temp, had pucked and was just not feeling well. It was the first time Logan had fell a sleep anywhere in the house besides his crib since coming home, well he fell a sleep on the floor our first 2 days home but I am sure that was from pure exhaustion. He just wanted to be held all day on Monday. He spiked a really high fever on Monday night but a little Motrin brought it down to at least 100.3, he had a little fever when he woke up on Tuesday so I gave him another dose of Motrin and it brought it down to normal where it has stayed. He only got sick twice and that was on Monday morning, poor baby.

Logan has been a crazed terror these past 2 days, I am talking MAJOR MELT DOWNS. I know he was not feeling well but today he felt great. Yesterday it was one after another all day. Today it was about an hour this morning and then again about 20 minutes tonight. I have never seen him this upset, he has been pulling my hair, throwing things at me, screaming in my face, hitting me and throwing himself on the floor and rolling around for 20 minutes at a time just uncontrollable or inconsolable. Today he did not hit me because he had enough time outs yesterday he didn't want to go there again. I have tried to do time-outs when he goes into these tantrums, time-ins are not working either. I know he is a toddler and melt downs come with the terrible two's but he has never acted this way except once when we first got home. I pray for him that what ever he may be going through heels quickly.

I think the mall was a great idea and we all had fun. The kids range in age from 9 months to 2 Logan being the oldest. Tyler is 22 months, Cailee is 20 months, Maddie 13 months and Halen 9 months. They all had fun in the play area and the pizza and grapes were enjoyed by all. We took a spin on the carousal, Logan only likes to sit in the cups or on a bench, funny. I shared a few picture, enjoy! There are also a few picks of our little sick cutie man snoozing on the couch and just relaxing on the floor when he was not feeling well.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Logan!

Logan, you have brought so much into our lives, I cannot even begin to tell you how much you are loved. I am amazed by the things you do everyday, you are such a funny, smart, bright, serious, charming little guy. You get a little more attached to Daddy and I as each day goes by and your love for us is starting to show:) I still cannot believe it has been almost 6 months since you came home, everyday you grow a little more comfortable. The smile on your face when I walk in your room in the morning is the best part of my day. I am so blessed and happy to be your Mommy. I love you baby, HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY!

We took Logan to the Zoo today, it is unseasonably warm here, the temp outside right now is 73, it feels like 90 after it being so cold. We had a great time, the monkey's and Giraffe's seemed to be Logan's favorite. We left just after breakfast and got home around 1:45, we didn't have enough time to see everything because he started to get cranky close to his nap time. He wanted to walk most of the time but then he wanted me to carry him towards the end, man he is heavy. He was NOT going to go back in his stroller without a fight, we need a wagon. I think I will take some of his B-day money and get him one.

Of course Logan fell asleep on the way home and woke up about 5 minutes after putting him in his crib so it is most likely going to be a very LONG day for us. He usually naps for about 2 hours and today it was about 15 minutes, he is not crying so we left him in his room so at least he is resting. I have read so many times it only takes 1 thing to throw them off their schedules and they stop napping, I PRAY that does not happen, he LOVES to sleep and he needs it. I look forward to that time also, that is my break for the day, it gives me a little time for myself, whether to do dishes, clean or just rest.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Birthday Party!

We had Logan's Birthday party on Sunday, he did really well with all of the people. Of course he was definitely OVER-STIMULATED but we let him stay up a little later to burn off some of his energy. With the time change, his party and then school this morning I wasn't sure how he would do but so far so good. Now this afternoon and tomorrow are another story so we will see. He seems to take about 2 day's or so when something new happens to get back to himself but today he has been really good :) I also have cut out his nap time bottle so big changes for him this past week. I was surprised how good he has done without it. He has asked for it everyday once we get upstairs and start to rock but I just tell him he is a big boy and he now has his magic cup. He only takes a couple of drinks from the cup but hey what ever no crying or major melt downs, YAHOO!

Logan got a lot of toy's of course and some money. We are going to take the money and buy him an activity desk and put the rest in the bank. He loves to draw, paint and play with play dough so an activity desk is just what he needs because he has to sit at the table to do any of these things and now he will have his own special spot. Thank you all for coming and his presents. I almost forgot Logan did not like the cake or ice cream AT ALL. He wouldn't take another bite, his face was so funny.

Any ways here are a couple of pics from his party. I will post a picture of his fish tank we got him, the Gold fish bowl turned into a 3 gallon tank and 3 fish, Elmo, Angel and Sucker.

Logan's Cake, He loves Sesame Street

Does Not Like Cake

Prince Charming!

Logan and Mommy

Logan and Daddy

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Catch Up

WOW, we have been really busy this past week and half. I took Logan for his speech evaluation last Monday at the MISD. They checked his hearing, speech and developmental skills. He has made such FANTASTIC progress since coming home. Logan was at about 11/12 month developmentally and size when he came home at the age of 18 1/2 months, he is now 50% on the growth charts, he's gained 10 lbs and grew 4 inches in 5 months. His developmental skills are very age appropriate but his speech is still a little behind, he did not qualify for "Speech Therapy" but he did qualify for some extra help, it is a communication play group through our school district. The program is called "Early On" and they offer a wide variety of special things that we can take advantage of until Logan turns 3 or he no longer qualifies for it, YEAH.

I really liked the staff that evaluated him and the services they offer, it really is great. I was told we are only 1 of 8 states that offer such a structured program for 0-3 yr old's. They asked me some great questions to really get a good look at who he is and his background. They asked about his skills, speech, attachment, growth, eating, sleeping habits and if I had any concerns. We talked a lot while they played with him, he felt very comfortable, that was great. Well I guess he really didn't like it when they stuck something in his ear :(

We had our first class on Monday so only a week from his evaluation, we got lucky they had a cancellations so they called us and I jumped on it. It is nice to get him into a structured group every Monday for 5 weeks. The routine in this group will be the same every week, I love that, as I am really into routine with him. I am hoping to stay in it for 2 groups in a row, we'll see. Logan did great with the other 3 kids in there and had a lot of fun, there should have been 6 but 2 no shows. He played well but he really did not want to participate in the group games, he wanted to watch everyone else until it came time for bubble blowing then he was all in :) He is such a serious little man. The goal is to help me teach him how to communicate better, asking for things or saying me to participate in the activity. The one thing that may confuse him is they tap their chest for me and that is his sign for please.

Logan's B-day is next Tuesday so we are having his party Sunday, it should be fun. I tried to keep it small there will be about 17 of us and that is just immediate family and my friend Tania and her husband as she is Logan's God-mother. I am having a get together with some of mine and Logan's friend's next Thursday, we are going to meet at the mall and let the kiddies play for a while and then go have pizza and a ride on the Carousal, Logan wasn't to sure the first time so we'll see.

Jeff and I gave him his present today, I ordered this great tunnel system from LTD for $35, a great deal, they are like $30 for 1 tunnel, this has 4 tunnels a middle piece and 2 tents LOGAN LOVED IT as I new he would, I took a couple of great pics (see below). We are also going to get him a fish but we will give it to him on Tuesday, he loves fish. We took him to Bass Pro Shop and they have a huge tank and his just loved it, we will see if he likes his little Gold Fish bowl, LOL.