Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Been a Long Time!

Gosh we have been so stinking busy I haven't had a moment to post. We painted our great room, it was a big deal because we have really high ceilings so we paid my brother to do them and Jeff and I painted the walls. We then had our fireplace tile cracked out and replaced. We ordered a new door cover for it and as soon as it comes in I will post some before and after pics. We also painted the mantle and I LOVE how the whole thing looks but I am dying to get the new doors, CAN"T wait.

We also replaced our foyer light and the light going up our steps and the ceiling fan in our great room. The lights before were totally NOT my taste and did NOT go with anything in our house. These are all things that I have wanted to do since we moved in 5 1/2 years ago but put on hold because of the adoption. Now we finally had a little extra so we went for it. Well that and we refinanced for the AMAZING LOW rate of 4.875% fixed for 30 years so we rolled our last of the adoption expenses in that and are still paying WAY less than we were. Yahoo for us!

I was also not feeling right for a few weeks. Eye problems, (never had before and still have 20/20) dizziness and just overall not right. I have been through a battery of test, CT and an MRI and thank god everything is coming back normal.
I have been feeling back to normal for the last 5 days, yahoo!

Now onto better things like my cute little man, he is doing great! Smarter than ever and saying some pretty darn funny things like~ not bad, not bad at all, that's interesting and a whole bunch of other things that I can't think of right now of course. I need to start writing things down daily. I can't believe next week my baby is going to be 4, OMG 4! So now I get to get busy for his party next weekend. It is a Buzz Lightyear theme who he still loves and dresses as often :0)

Logan has been sick this past week. I actually think he has/had 2 different things. He had a fever for 2 days around 100 but no other symptoms. Then he was better for a day then came down with a stuffy nose and a dry cough but only coughing once in a while. He woke up this morning with a fever blister, poor baby. We had my friends daughter Sophia for 2 days this week and she was sick with a MAJOR runny nose and a deep cough. Logan already had a weekend immune system from whatever caused his fever so I feared he would get her cold. Logan was great in the morning with her but when he got up from his nap he was jealous of her, he wanted his Mommy all to himself :0) She is only 5 1/2 months so I had to do everything for her and I carried her a lot and he decided he didn't like it. He has been clingy and whiny for a couple days now so we have done some holding time these last 2 days. I know some of it is he is not feeling well but today when he got up we had to rock a bit and he just relaxed and soaked it up and emerged with a totally different attitude, THANK GOD!

Today is a beautiful day here in Michigan. It's like 64 degrees outside so I did some running around for party stuff while Jeff and Logan got outside and made mud pies, played on the play scape and ate lunch out there.

We took him for his 4 yr pics and they turned out great. I only got 2 different poses because it was a fortune for more and I would have all of these pics go to waste. I got one with a number 4 and then Jeff picked out the profile one. I keep picking on him telling him it is like something my parents would have done with us you know the typical 1975 pose, LOL! My favorite was one of him standing up with his hand sin his pockets but I really wanted that darn 4 in there. This will be the last number year for a pic so next on to bigger and better things. I think I am going to try JCPenny for some pics next year, I just keep seeing these adorable shot from there. Logan was so funny usually we have such a hard time with him taking pictures and this time he walked in and just started posing. Jeff and I were laughing so hard the lady probably thought we were nuts, LOL!

I'll leave you with some cuteness :0) and a couple pics of our lights before and after.

The top pics are before and the bottom after

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Like You!

My little man told me tonight that he likes me a lot and that he likes hanging out with me. How cute is that :0)