Monday, August 20, 2007

Artic Blast

It has just been cold and rainy, we have had long pants on in the house for the last 2 days it's been so cold, as Logan would say BERRRRR! We got some craft stuff to do it is supposed to rain for the rest of the week. I couldn't find the glue I put away from L so we had to improvise and use 2 way tape, it sure turned out cute any ways. Thanks Mom for bringing us some glue today.

I really do not like going out in the shit weather at all. All they talked about on the news this morning was about accidents (I get a few minutes of it before L gets up)and I seen a few while I was out.

I actually had to run all over the place today to get our Post Placement Report sent out to our agency so they can have it by tomorrow. I had to pick it up about 30 minutes away, then drive about 45 minutes from there to have a state seal put on it then take it to UPS, a lot of in and out of the car, I was soaked. Jeff, it is nice that your home in the day when things need to get done, I love not dragging Logan all over the place he is much happier at home with you than being pulled in and out of the car a million times.

Enjoy the pics from our last few rainy days, I love the one of L on his car talking on the phone, he knows that he's cool:)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

We had our 1 year post placement report the other day, it was fun to look back and see where L was at in Feb. compared to now. He was 28lbs and 33 inches and only saying a few words. He is now 36 3/4 inches and weighs 32 1/2 lbs, my boy is growing up so fast. Talking up a storm, jumping and starting to skip, so cute to watch him skip.

He just turned 29 months on the 13th is TOTALLY potty trained besides at night he still wears a diaper then. He is still in a crib so there is no way for him to get up and go. He has been going pp for about a month now but #2 was a little harder but only about 3 accidents and that was it. He is so bright.

Any ways, here are a few pics, we have to send 12 with our report so I have been taking a lot the last few day's. I love this set, we were just playing and as I have said before he loves to have me take pictures of us together, his smile could melt anyone's heart.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Hearing your son say I Love You back for the first time without prompting......PRICELESS!!!!! For the first time today I said I love you to L and he said it right back, it was so heart melting. He said it back to Jeff a couple of day's ago and I could see the look in Jeff's eye's that his heart had just melted, I now know that feeling :-) You have come so far in the last 11 months Logan, you amaze me EVERYDAY.

Logan has changed so much in the past month. His speech is unbelievable, he started of course repeating and in the last 2 weeks he has not stopped. He is just about saying 10-20 new words a day, this morning it started by him saying
"Coffee Mommy". He is now saying new words on his own without hearing it first. He hardly uses any of his signs any more, I loved watching him sign, it is so cool. It just goes to show you they are so much smarter than we give them credit for when their that young. They really do have a lot to say and I think everyone should try it, Logan picked up on it really fast and it seemed very easy for him. I will see if I can find some video of him doing some of them and post it. In his speech class that is what they said would happen, when we go for his review I am sure he is not going to qualify for services but that's OK we both really liked it and had a lot of fun.

He is starting to tell me stories, We were on a walk not long ago and he was telling me about the cat that was in our neighbors yard, MONTHS AGO!! I asked him if he wanted a Rice Crispy treat and he said Busia and then started telling me about the Train that he seen when we were there about 2 months ago. He is such a happy little guy and so smart.

He is really starting to recognize his letters about 15 of them. I bought him this lap top and it has a matching letter game on it and he loves it. He has had it for just a few days and has not stopped playing with it, first thing in the morning "Hi Mommy, puter". It is a Thomas and Friends Learn & Explore Laptop, with a mouse, it is recommended for 3 and up and I see why but there are a few games that he is able to play, he is not getting frustrated and he just likes turning it on and off, it plays music :) I would post a link but mine never work, there has to be something easy I am missing here on my blog when it comes to pasting a link because I have no problem doing that any where else, any suggestions from you lurkers?

We had some issue's for about 8 days after vaca but L seems to be back to himself the last 2 days, THANK GOD :) He was clingy, whiny and just being bad all the way around, he did a lot of standing up against the wall. He does not like that at all so it is really working.

I still can't believe we will be home 1 year in a month, crazy. So much has happened in that year, way more than I have ever talked about here in blogger land. Maybe more of that later, you never know.