Monday, July 20, 2009

20 Year Reunion

OMG, I think most of the women looked great you know besides the cheerleaders who are all now heavy and not very pretty. Isn't that how it usually goes? Most of the men beside maybe 3 looked awful, old, gray, bald or heavy. It was pretty funny, they put everyone senior picture on their name badges and almost all of the guys had mullets, LOL. Gotta love the 80's in our acid washed, peg-leg jeans and big hair. We had a good time, they made it an all weekend thing and unfortunately we didn't make it to the bar on Friday night which I am kind of bummed because most of the people we hung out with went there and not to the actual reunion on Saturday. Oh well now we know so in 5 years we will hit the bar and save some money and skip the actual reunion. We toured our old school and that was really neat, I cannot believe how small the classrooms and desk look, LOL. We also drove around all of old stomping grounds and it was fun to try and find our friends houses that we hung at when we were kids.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How did I miss June?

So, I cannot believe I missed the whole month of June with no post. We have just been really busy but I will entertain you with some funnies from my little man.

He watched the cartoon "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and he say to me "Mom, why does he want to stole Christmas" so I explained that he does not like Christmas because he doesn't have anyone to celebrate w/and yada, yada, yada and he replies with "that's to bad he's really missing out" Logan is just growing up way to fast. The other day we are in the car and he just starts cracking up so I asked him what was so funny and he said "I was just remembering when me, Deigo and Jake were playing and rolling all over each other the other day and it was just hilarious". I laughed so hard and I thought that was very grown up, you know something a big kid would say.

So baseball was fun the first week, Logan took direction well from his coaches and had a lot of fun. He even read one of the other kids name tags. I know read right he's only 4 but the kids name was Logan also. I did think that was pretty cool. He's standing out there and calls me and say's "Mom, this guys name is Logan" The next week we showed up a little early to let him play on the play ground and there were 2 5 1/2 year olds out there from his team but they told Logan he couldn't play with them it was only for 2 people so he got his feeling hurt and refused to go on the field and play with his team, so we left. Last week he didn't want to go on Monday he wanted to go on Thursday. The only problem with that is his team plays on Mondays not Thursday so we missed it again. This week we had no ball so there are 2 weeks left and we'll see if we make it. I was shocked he didn't want to go, he had so much fun that first week. I am glad it didn't cost much. Now he keeps telling me he wants to do gymnastics, so I am looking into that.

We have a lot going on, between birthday parties and grad parties we seem to have something going on every weekend. We have been trying to enjoy our pool but the weather has not been really hot. Like today and yesterday it it not even 75 a little cold when there is 20mph winds, you freeze when you get out of the water. Logan is a little fish this year. He started out wearing his vest but now he is only wearing arm floaties and I think by the end of summer he will no longer need those either. He does a great cannon ball, legs tucked and all. He told Jeff that his cousin Amber taught him how to do it. He does jumps were he kicks his legs out and he also does a spinning twist into the pool. I bought him some dive sticks the other day so we will see how he likes them.

Logan really is reading some words and spelling some also. The list includes for reading~ Mom, Dad, If, and, it, on, no, off, pop, corn, the. I know there are few more I just can't think of them right now. He is spelling, no, on, off, egg, and, mom, dad, pop. He has blossomed so much in this past year I am amazed. I can't get over how big he is.

I have to say is that Logan will most likely be an only child. I do not think we can adopt again although I would LOVE to if the funds were available and Jeff wasn't so old (HAHAHAHA) I think it stinks for him, Logan absolutely loves being with other kids so I am thankful we live in a neighborhood full of them. I won't hold my breath that I will ever get prego, we have been trying for 7 years and it hasn't happened so I don't think it ever will. I am one of those unexplained infertile woman, that stinks, it would be nice to have an answer. I never really cared about biology any ways it was just always about being a mom. It makes no difference to me how Logan became our son. The other day I had someone say to me "ya know he looks like he could be your son" I was horrified that this person said this in front of my 4 yr old so I said back well that's because he is my son. I know this person did not mean anything negative by it but man people stop before you speak. My little man is very bright and knows what your saying. So I just talked to Logan about it and we both agreed that it doesn't make a difference who's belly he grew in, I AM HIS MOM and WE ARE A FAMILY no matter how we became to be. He was so funny, he started saying, who cares, its not a big deal and so what I didn't grow in your belly. God I love that kid of mine :0)

I can't wait for school to start for him this fall, he will be in heaven hanging with all of the kids. We know a little boy who will be in his class so he is excited about that.

I am off to my 20 yr reunion this weekend so the boys are home alone, I hope they have fun. I graduated in Columbus Ohio so I am heading down and going with 4 of my girlfriends down there. I am so happy that after all these years I still have a few GREAT friends from my high school days. It really is hard to believe it's been 20 years, it seems like yesterday until I look in the mirror, LOL.

I almost forgot some FANTASTIC news, Orson Mozes plead guilty to 17 counts of violating Penal Code section 532(a), felony obtaining money by false pretenses. He also admitted the truth of the special allegation charged under Penal Code section 186.11(a)(2), aggravated white collar crime taking over $500,000 and he will now be sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in PRISON and he was ordered to pay restitution to all of us 57 families that he scammed. They did recover some money but not even half of what he stole from us families so I hope he will have his wages garnished for the rest of his life once he gets out. It never pays to be a scam, karma is a bitch. Thank you to the DA in Santa Barbara CA and Norma the investigator in the case. Also to the late Laura Cleves if it wasn't for her back in 2005 when we were victimized by Orson the case would have never moved forward. Thank you for making Orson accountable for his despicable actions.